Foster: Warm Welcome

I wasted no time when we made ground in the US. I didn't bother with border patrol, I didn't go through customs. I high tailed it out of the docks and stole the first vehicle I saw which just happened to be a shiny yellow motorbike. It was fricken fast. I raced out of the city on a full tank of fuel and headed for HQ.

I was clocking a hundred and fifty Ks down the highway when they came. A Toyota pickup flanked by two bikes. I had no gun. There were at least four men in the back of the pickup who did. The two bikers were probably packing as well. All I had on them was a faster bike. I had no choice but to out-maneouvre them. Before they opened fire I jerked the bike sharply and braked hard. They sped past me as I decelerated then gunned the throttle again to shoot back up behind them. The wind whipped my jacket and my hair all around as I drew level with the pickup. The men turned just fast enough to see me leap from my bike into the back of the truck.

I unleashed carnage like a rabid animal. Against four men with assault rifles I had little other choice. Speed, Aggression, Surprise. The most efficient way to kill in close quarters and anywhere else for that matter. Heck they were definitely surprised. The first one gawped a bit at me with wide eyes as I swept his gun aside and smacked him in the throat with it. He went down coughing blood. I closed distance with the next nearest and twisted his body, placing him between me and the other two gunmen. I tipped his balance fractionally and shoved. He careered wildly backwards into one of the others and they both fell almost comically out of the truck and spun away. The crunching impact as they landed was sickening as they felt a hundred miles per hour of momentum on the road surface. The last man was just raising his gun as I closed in on him. Ducking beneath his barrel, I cracked my boot into his knee, shattering the patella. He yelped in pain. I snapped his trigger finger to prevent him shooting me and sank the fingers of my right hand, all together like one blade, into his right eye. Disoriented, crippled, and half blind, he stumbled and joined his comrades down roadkill avenue. I dropped to the floor of the pickup and picked up one of the dropped rifles. Popping my head up twice, spinning a hundred and eighty degrees in between, I eliminated the two bikers. The truck driver was a bit distressed. He swerved the car all over the road, trying to throw me out. I just dropped to the floor again and clung on to the support handles. Once he lost sight of me in the rear view mirror, he'd assume I was dead and gone. True enough, the truck slowed to a stop as we entered the outskirts of the next city. I stayed hidden. He got out and I heard him talking, presumably into a radio.

"Command, come in. This is X-ray seven, Lion is down. Heavy casualties sustained, units one to six are down. Roger that command, heading to intercept targets at the nest."

Lion must be me. They thought I was dead. Good. They wouldn't be expecting me around anymore. The nest must be HQ. He was taking me right where I wanted to go. Good job I'd decided not to shoot him then. I kept myself down and waited for the truck to move on.

* * *

I readied the weapon when I started to recognise the buildings around the truck. It was night by now and there weren't many people around. I could get away with a clean kill before anyone noticed when we stopped. HQ should be just around the corner. We'd stop there, I'd kill the driver and rendez-vous with the team. Except HQ wasn't there. It simply wasn't. I couldn't see much from lying down on the back of a truck but I should've been able to see part of that building. Crap. We were in trouble. We pulled up outside another building a few blocks down. No way... This was.... the secret bunker. So they knew about it. Damn. He got out and I followed him quietly. As he headed into the basement rooms I tailed him from the shadows until I heard voices.

"-starting to like the whole simple housewife idea..."

Laughter. "Let's get out of here."

Those were Jagan and Bethany's voices. So they'd survived. They must be the targets. I heard the driver cock his weapon as he turned the corner and aimed down the sight. I was just faster. His blood spattered all over the wall behind him. I turned the corner to stare at Jagan and Beth. It was a pretty shocking scene.

"I don't want to know what you two guys are doing in my bunker, half naked and surrounded by dead bodies. Let's just get out of here shall we?"

It felt good to be back.

The End

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