Dani: aftermath.

I sat in silence by Drake, an empty seat between us increasing the awkward atmosphere. Maybe it was just me, but everything seemed so...strained. As if everybody was keeping something from me. Maybe it was just the fact that there were only three of us left, and it wasn't properly sinking in. Beth and Jagan...It was only dawning on me now. I'd never see them again. I felt my hands begin to shake slightly and balled them up into fists. Come on, don't cry. We were still on a mission here: there was a man being interrogated in there. At that moment a cry came up from the room and I grimaced at thoughts of what it could be. Steve was mad, and not just in a crazy sense, more in an avenging sense. God knows what he'd do to anyone behind the death of his sister. I was so scared of him breaking down in the hospital earlier...They were definately gone. It didn't feel like they were; somewhere my gut instinct was telling me otherwise. But I had to fight that, I was kidding myself. Beth and Jagan were-

The gunshot pierced through the air and my jumbled thoughts. I'm guessing that the interrogation had finished. Steve came out of the room and I wasn't sure but it was almost as if the stormclouds had lifted from him, if only for a second. I mean, shooting was admittedly pherapeutic, but I was not prepared for what I heard next. 'Beth and Jagan are alive. And we need to get them out.'

My eyes widened and I stood up, dazed. Drake asked something but I didn't properly register the words, my head was busy swimming in the double realisation: they weren't dead. 'I knew they couldn't be dead. I just knew it.' I murmured, following Steve outside. Drake lagged behind, and I smirked. It wasn't exactly the best time for a "moment": Steve seemed a lot better but there were still people out there, determined to kill him. That never bodes well for the mood. All the same, it was nice to walk along with him and savour the fact that neither of us were in a hospital bed. Drake walked up to the jeep and that's when we were faced with another carbomb. As the debris rolled across the sky in all its glory, Drake was thrown backwards as well. Steve pushed me away: they were after him. Tough luck- I was still determined to defend myself. I heard the subtle click of a sniper being cocked and went into DSR mode, taking out a man to my right as the helicopters pounded the air overhead. They'd really pulled out all the stops.

'Steve! Hide!' I yelled over the fire.

'No, they want me! I'm going to show these b*stards who they're dealing with!' He ran off towards a mercenary, wooping. I groaned and shot another sniper: we were doing ourselves no favours by staying in the open. I turned around sensing movement directly behind me and smacked my elbow into the mercenary's temple. I smiled grimly as he fell writhing to the ground. This one was for trying to mess with SCIT, mate. I shook my head at that uncharacteristic remark. I wasn't planning on turning into either Dad or Steve any time soon...

'What's next, a missle?' Drake joked after we had wiped out the attack. A couple of months I would have thought the same: now...well, you don't joke about these things. They are trying to kill us, after all.

The End

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