Drake: Overkilled , and we still win!



Was that really necessary? Its like destroying evidence then again we do not need our evidence to get rescued or something. Crow comes out of the room he seemed a little better now. Does he take pleasure in killing?

" Beth and Jagan are alive. And we going to get them out." Crow says.

That would explain that. I hope. Dani gets up she also looked a bit happier.

" Is that what he told you before you shot him?" I said it was really a stupid question though.

" I knew they couldn't be dead I just knew it." Dani put in.

" He better not be lying to us and leading us to a trap." I mumble as I ready my gun.

Crow walked out the door into the night which was brightly lit by the city, Dani followed afterwards. I lagged behind a little. I walked inside and nearly opened the handle on the jeep when Crow said.

" Something doesn't feel quite right." But it was too late I had already opened the door when I heard something arm it self.

We all instinctively jump back for cover as the jeep goes sky high. My ears began to ring and I couldn't hear anything as I was flew backwards by a shock wave. How many cars have made it to the scrap yard today? I think it was three ,beats any of my records for blowing cars up. My body slams against a wall I was dazed but my hearing was coming back and I could hear the familiar weapons fire of a war zone. Grenade launchers, snipers, helicopters , chain feds. Hang on that is overkill!

My senses came back and I took cover. I should have kept that P90. This little pistol may as well be a squirt gun. I look up I can't see Crow or Dani but from the weapons fire I had a feeling they were still alive. Mercenaries drop out of the helicopter and begin to run towards the concentration of weapons fire. I raise my pistol and tap  the trigger six time , each of the soldiers drop dead. People who say that these things can't hit the broadside of a barn are wrong. I get up over my cover bullets chasing after each step, I needed, or more like wanted an assault rifle its a thing of comfort to me in these situations. I run towards the the group of dead mercenaries I just did in.

I get close enough and roll and pick up one of the rifles and get up to have it expertly positioned in my arms I kill a few more mercenaries. I however I am not the centre of attention the helicopter and the chain feds where going down the road. I hardly even look as I shoot the the tail propeller of the helicopter , once it was shot off it span out of control and hit a building and blew up in a ball of flames. Armoured cars began to drive up the road I couldn't see Crow or Dani but had a feeling the snipers where dominating the situation and they we taking cover. The cars emptied and more armed mercenaries came out. I had a choice kill mercenaries or kill snipers , before they notice me. I choose snipers , unfortunately I had no scope on this assault rifle, but luckily they where not to far away. I make a mock run to get the movements ready then quickly make 5 controlled burst  killing each one. A hail of bullets ping into my cover but is quickly suppressed by who I can only guess to be Crow and Dani. I truthfully felt like I was back in some foreign country, being overpowered by the opposition yet still kicking A*$ because of teamwork. I get up from the cover, and shoot down a few more mercenaries. As it all came to an end , I looked down at one of the bodies see an insignia tattoo on his arm. It striked me as familiar but yet I had no idea where I had seen it before.

" Well they're getting really desperate in trying to kill us. Whats next a missile?" I joke but had a feeling it was stupid thing to say.

"Yeah , lets see those addresses we've picked up from everybody, we aren't going to stop searching for them until we find Beth, and Jag." Crow said. He was leading the team which was probably gonna look really bad for me when I end up doing crappy paperwork ,when this case is ends. That is if I don't get blown up first. Its been the first day and I've haven't seen this much combat seen since two years ago.

" Alright everything I've got is in the richer parts of town. Did your man give you any adresseses?" I ask

The End

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