Bethany: No way, Buddy...

My eyes were barely cracked open. A few of those b**tards had beat me. I glanced over at Jagan. They were preparing something in a syringe... several syringes. For both of us, I assumed. Great. We were chained up, still half-naked, bruised and bloodied. How could we fight back against that? And to help it all, this gross brute was eying me like a piece of meat.

I was getting scared.

I closed my eyes, but willed myself not to sleep. They could slip a needle in me if I didn't keep my guard up, but I needed to rest a bit. I don't know how long it was when I heard Jagan say something. I glanced at him; he was speaking to some man, one of the guys that looked like he might be higher up in rank. I couldn't hear everything they were saying, but I caught a few words here and there. I definitely heard "Gary", "rape", and "your wife."

I spun my head to face them, or tilted my head, more like.

"She's not my wife." I heard Jagan say. Maybe not yet Jagan's wife, I thought to myself. But maybe someday... If we get out of here, that is.

"Oh, in that case." I heard the man chuckle. He beckoned that weirdo who had been eying me. "Alright, go ahead. Take her into the backroom, and make it snappy, we all need to talk."

My heart started to beat fast. Oh no, please, God, I don't want this, I pleaded. Images of the president's daughter filled my mind. She had been beat, raped, and shot. I struggled at the chains. They didn't budge. I started to panic.

"Please," I muttered, barely able to speak. Gary approached me, a horrible leering grin on his face. He unfastened the bindings from me and held my arms behind my back. I struggled and fought. He kicked the back of my legs and I nearly fell. Some of the other guys laughed, egging him on as he led me away.

Jagan was fighting fiercely against the chains that held him. The sound of the chains was nearly as loud as his screams: "NO! NO! PLEASE!" His voice quivered in anger and sadness. He had worried about this concerning me before. And now both of our fears were about to become reality. Horrible, sickening reality. "I'll kill you for it! I swear!"

"Please! No, don't do this!" I pleaded with the monster as he pushed me forward through the door. I fell on the floor, my skin smacking the concrete loudly. I hurried up, glaring at him. He locked the door behind us, and started toward me, his eyes and hands greedy.

I screamed at him as I tried to avoid his grasp. "No way, buddy... If you dare touch me, I swear I will kill you." He laughed at me. I smiled, "You don't think I'm serious. I'm counting to three..."

He laughed at me again.

"ONE!!!!!!" I yelled. He didn't flinch.

"TWO!!!!" I rushed him, kneed him in the groin, shoved my palm upward breaking his nose, and tackled him to the ground. All those basic self-defense moves. I grabbed his gun, cocked it, and held it to his temple.

"Wat habbent du tree?" He mumbled, the blood and broken nose making him sound like he had a cold. I shot him.

"THREE!" I yelled and burst through the door, quickly dispatching several men with quick double taps. Another man down from a kick to the chin.

I ran to Jagan and shot the chains holding him. "Where are our guns?" he said.

"They put them in this closet." I opened it and retrieved our weapons.

"Time for some payback." The smile as he said this almost scared me.

He approached the man I kicked."Ready to die?"

"Not yet." the man said.

"You're done. There's no hope for you now."

"You think you are going to interrogate me? No no no no! I have a message for you Cover."

"Really? And that would be?..."

He told us about the Stalker. How they'd framed my brother. I really would liked getting my hands around that Stalker's throat. He was making our lives a living hell.

"...Right. We have to have a master plan, which is where the Stalker comes in. Man you are slow. The Stalker was right once again."

Jagan frowned and aimed his gun at the man's head. "This is for giving a man permission to rape my girlfriend." He fired, killing him instantly.

Talk about protective. I liked it.

Jagan looked at me and I said, "So, why didn't we take him back to HQ for interrogations?"

"Pointless. Like he said, the Stalker doesn't expect the unexpected, so he'll have to come up with a new plan now. All we have to do is keep doing unexpected things and confuse him."

 True but... "It's not that simple Jagan."

"Of course its not. It never is."

Again, true...

"Remind me again why we can't have normal lives?" I asked him, as we looked around, planning a way to get out of... wherever we were.

"We signed up for this, Beth. Well, not this specifically. Basically it's our job."

"Yes. Right now, after being naked, beaten, and almost raped--"

"--you forgot almost being blown up earlier--"

"--and almost being blown up earlier, I'm starting to like that whole simple housewife idea..."

Jagan chuckled, an almost strange look coming over his face.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing," he shook me off, "now let's get out of here."

The End

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