Jagan: It never is...

My breathing was deep, but fast. I knew they were preparing to drug me, they had tons of little test tubes, shots, and lots of other "devices".

I looked over at Bethany, who was on the brink of unconsciousness. Some of the men had hit her, and one of them wanted to rape her, I could tell. Which made me really want to find a way out of these chains and into his throat, where I could rip out his heart.

My eyes shifted to the man who acted as though he was in charge. He also acted like he was charismatic, which he was, but not in a good way. In a lying, deceitful way.

I really need to find a way out of here.

My mind couldn't think of a way to get out of this place! I was really starting to get upset. I even considered bribing one of the guards, which would be pointless with my amount of money.

I mean sure, SCIT pays well, very well, but I had tons of bills to pay, I'll barely have enough money to buy a ring- I thought. I caught myself. I glanced over at Bethany, who's condition I was unsure of, Am I really considering marrying that woman? I mean, sure, she's the greatest thing that's happened to me since sliced bread. But, marriage? Can I afford marriage when I'm working in the most dangerous crime and investigation team there is? I took a deep breath, This is not the time to think about this, Cover!

I looked back at the leader, "Hey." I said.

The leader slid over to me, "Yes my good friend?"

"I'm not your friend." I said, making it clear I didn't like him one bit.

"Oh settle down old chap. If you aren't going to be nice I might as well just let Gary here rape your wife." he said, still with that disgusting smile.

My jaw tensed, "She's not my wife." I said, Not yet. I thought secretly.

"Oh, in that case." he said with a chuckle. He turned to Gary, "Alright, go ahead. Take her into the backroom, and make it snappy, we all need to talk."

Horror filled my entire body, "NO! NO! PLEASE!" I screamed, sadness, anger, and just complete horror just overtaking my mind, "I'll kill you for it! I swear!"

The man sighed, "It'll be okay Cover, calm yourself."

I watched with teary eyes as Bethany was pulled into the backroom, "I'm going to slaughter you...I'm going to kill you so slowly..." I whispered, trembling with complete fury.

Suddenly, the sound of Bethany screaming reached my ears, "NOOO!!!!" I shrieked in terror. I struggled as hard as I could to get out of my chains.

Then I heard Bethany scream, "ONE!!!!!!"

My eyes widened, and my head lowered.


A tear slowly trickled down my face just as she yelled, "THREE!"

That instant, Bethany broke through the door, holding a gun. She fired three shots into one of the men, then instantly shot the other in the head.

The leader looked shocked, "What the-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Bethany had alright kicked him in the face, which sent him sprawling to the ground.

Beth ran over to me and shot the chains, freeing me. I ran over to the unconscious man and pulled a key out of his pocket, I undid each of my handcuffs. When they fell off, I ran my hands around the place I was not able to touch for at least an hour. I turned back to the man laying unconscious.

I stood up and walked towards Beth, "Where are our guns?"

"They put them in this closet." she said, opening it.

I took out my pistol and smiled, "Time for some payback."

I walked over to the man and said with a snarl, "Ready to die?"

The man's eyes opened, "Not yet." he said, a smile appearing on his face.

"You're done. There's no hope for you now."

"You think you are going to interrogate me? No no no no! I have a message for you Cover."

"Really? And that would be?"

The man cleared his throat, "Well, Cover, you are part of the SCIT. Which is really messing with the Stalker's plans."


"On your first assignment from SCIT, you killed a very important man in the Stalker's business."

"Richards." I said with a nod.

"Yes, and the Stalker wasn't so happy about that. So, he had the Koreans kidnap the President's daughter, just to put you SCIT people to the test, see your movements, find your strengths, and weaknesses. For instance, young man, we know that sweet little Bethany here is your weakness."

I just stared deep into his eyes, I really wanted to slaughter him. Really bad.

"Anyway, he was impressed, but not too impressed. He knew one thing, that all of you had to be killed. All of you."

"Why?" I said, not understanding.

"It's simple. All of the people on your team have too much potential, and, given enough time and experience, the Stalker's master plan could be destroyed."


The man laughed, "You think that the Stalker would tell me his master plan? Ridiculous."

"Tell me, is the Stalker one person?"

"Why of course. Well, I guess you could say he's a whole army. There are tons of people in his plan. He has tons of people involved. He's a god."

My face tightened, "So, the Stalker is going to kill us all?"

"Well, not exactly. He has a master plan, and to just slaughter you all at the same time is unprofessional. Some people read novels, and watch movies where the mastermind knows every move the other person will make. That's a fantasy world. Nothing can be called unexpected, if it is expected."

"I don't understand."

"What I mean is, the Stalker will get involved with every problem you have. Every problem. And then, he will kill one of your agents. He will have all his men assigned to one man, and not to kill the others. He is a mastermind because if the unexpected happens, he will be able to come up with a plan to counter."

This was really starting to intimidate me, "So...who is on your list now?"

"Well, who do you think?"

I gave him a cold blooded stare.

He chuckled, "It's Steve you idiot."

Bethany gasped almost silently.

"So the Stalker set Scarecrow up! He murdered the poor woman?!"

The man laughed.

"You are mistaken my boy."


"Crow really did kill that woman, we just see his insanity as the perfect target."

"Why do you think Crow actually did kill the woman?! What evidence lead you to believe that?!"

"The fact that we had nothing to do with it."

"You're wrong! Steve would never do that." Bethany said with a snarl.

The man chuckled, "Oh but dear, do you not remember how tormented and angry he was in Korea? He is an insane monster, he'd slaughter any of you if you made him angry enough."

"NO! He wouldn't!" I cut in.

The man shook his head, "Believe what you want, but keep this in mind, we brought you here, so you couldn't protect Scarecrow."

"Protect him from what? You can't just put up a sniper and have the sniper start shooting at Crow like a mad man."

"Right. We have to have a master plan, which is where the Stalker comes in. Man you are slow. The Stalker was right once again."

I frowned, "This is for giving a man permission to rape my girlfriend." I lifted my gun and fired into his head.

I turned to Bethany who didn't look surprised at what I had done, yet still a little questionable, "So, why didn't we take him back to HQ for interrogations?"

"Pointless. Like he said, the Stalker doesn't expect the unexpected, so he'll have to come up with a new plan now. All we have to do is keep doing unexpected things and confuse him."

"It's not that simple Jagan."

"Of course its not. It never is."

The End

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