Drake: He is unstable


“Nice back up head quarters.” I say eyeing Crow.

At the moment this guy was mentally unstable. I can see why too. If I was a proper leader of this team I would knock him over the head and remove him from this situation immediately he might seem to be efficient at killing and filling people full of holes, but from experience he is going to get shot he isn't thinking properly. I also had a feeling if I went to take him out I'm going into a world full of pain. Damm high pain tolerance. I walk over to Dani as he begins to interrogate the guy. He better extract some information out of the guy instead of spill blood across the floor.

“ I'm not trying sound patronizing in anyway or anything else ,but just out of care. Keep an eye on him he isn't thinking straight or at all. ” I say quietly only Dani could hear.

I kept the part out that we really should be incapacitating him. Hell if this was SCMU or the police he would be asked to leave for the safety for the team and himself, and if he didn't remove himself he would get tranquilized. I'm however not going to try. The team was down too three agents, an unstable guy who has lots of experience in well killing people , A girl who can hold her own and seems pretty professional, and me a bit of everything except perhaps hand to hand never been great at that. Well for now I'm going to stay on Crows good side not treat him like a lunatic perhaps he'll calm down in time. I look through the addresses that Rico had given me it was all in the rich sector of town. They little whiny snots where going to want search warrants. Who cares I'm sure Crow will scare them so bad they are going to need to replace there undies. We'll also have to investigate them tomorrow it was little late. To be pestering rich snots. I heard fist pummelling our prisoner and blood spattering across the ground.

“ Crow stop he needs to be able to talk you know. Have you gotten anything out of him?” I said then realized torturing and beating are never good interrogation skills because eventually they'll say what you want to hear which may not be true. I hope it doesn't come down to that. He continues to hit him.

“ Stop! Did you get anything out of him yet?”

The End

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