Bethany: Collected.

So we were winding through a tunnel under the ground, naked, and trying to find our way through the dark. It was awkward.

If there had been light to see, I'm sure I would have been blushing scarlet for my lack of clothes. But it seemed that Jagan felt the same way. He continued to keep his eyes averted and I did the same.

"Jagan?" I said, quietly.


"What if the bomb does go off?" I hoped that it wouldn't.

"We're safe under here, I would guess."

"Yeah, that's not my worry. But what if Scarecrow thinks we're dead?"

"Then he'll be relieved when he knows we aren't." He answered, distracted.

"Jagan, could you-" I started, but a loud explosion broke through my words. We both fell to the ground, which shook uncertainly beneath my body.

"The building exploded!" I heard Jagan say. My ears were ringing from the blast.

"Thank you Mr. Obvious!" I yelled, jumping up.

"It's okay, we're safe."

"Thanks once again!" I smiled.

Then the door, at the end of the tunnel flew open and light streamed in. We were surrounded. Several people with guns, their shadows all I saw against the light.

"Figures." Jagan said, slipping into a crouch. I didn't bother hiding my nakedness, however much I wanted to, but I forced myself into a position like Jagan's. He still had his gun, and I realized that I'd forgotten mine.

"D*mn," I muttered, "My weapons probably buried under rubble right now." I sighed heavily. I loved that gun that my brother had given me. Perhaps it would be salvageable. Most likely not. "D*mn," I said again.

One of the men spoke: "First you both were kissing, and now you're naked?" He laughed at his own perverted joke. "How long have you been dating, anyway?" He addressed Jagan. "She must be easy--" but before he could finish, Jagan had lashed out, screaming: "Don't you dare talk about her that way!" He and the man wrestled momentarily, but everything stopped at the appearance of someone else.

Then another figure entered, his voice was honeyed and sickly sweet. "That's enough boys, there is a lady present." The men backed off and he walked straight to me, taking off his jacket. I raised my fists and he held his hands up.

"Now, now, Bethany, I'm not going to hurt you. I only mean to preserve your modesty." He offered his white suit jacket. Reluctantly, I wrapped it around me (the bottom of it coming to my knees) as Jagan (his gun pointed at the man) and I stared at him in the light. His hair was dark and glossy, mussed up perfectly. He was dressed nicely in an overly neat fashion. He snapped his fingers at one of the men.

"Get Jagan some pants, please. And Jagan, it would make it so much easier if you would hand over your gun. I'd hate for them to have to shoot you in front of the lady." He smiled at me. It was sickening and debonaire at the same time.

The ease at which he spoke of us was unsettling. He knew too much about us.

"Come now, you two, we don't intend to hurt you unless you give us cause. We only are here to collect you from this wreckage."

Dropping his gun with a pained look, Jagan pulled on a pair of sweats, and I drew near him. With his bare arm tightly secured about me, my head on his chest, we cautiously followed this new man, who obviously was the boss of those thugs.

"What do you think?" I whispered in Jagan's ear.

"I'm not sure, Beth."

A pause as we entered the sparse daylight, wherever that tunnel had led us. The sewers, maybe, by the smell.

"I'm worried, Jagan." I said, walking behind the white-suited man, a gun pressed into my back by one thug.

"Me too, babe," He said, kissing my hair, and keeping his stride even with mine, "me too."

The End

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