Dani: freeze.

'They're dead.' I paled and felt my eyes widen in...well, I couldn't tell. So many different emotions. I wanted to take in all the disbelief and asks so many questions. They were kidding? Beth and Jagan were fine, they had to be. We were SCIT- nobody died. I wanted to ask a thousand questions. How could they know that for sure? How were Steve and Drake alright? What had happened? A slight wave of relief as I realised that Steve was definitely alive..but that all disappeared when I actually took in the expression on his face.

He was about to cry. It had to be real. I opened my mouth a couple of times, and then quickly ran into the side bathroom with my clothes. I had to be quick but all I wanted to do was break down and cry. Beth and Jagan...no, it couldn't be true. This had to be some sick dream, a non-reality. I hurriedly rubbed at my eyes with my sleeves as I felt tears welling up. Not now. Even if they were...Even if Beth and Jagan were dead, we had to carry on. 'Stay safe'. I ran out of the door and Drake and Steve came with me out of the room. We had to be quick: whoever had killed Beth and Jagan- I still didn't know how but now I felt a little sick when I thought of it- would soon work out that we were still alive. They were ruthless. Monsters. But this proved that Montgomery wasn't behind this. There had to be a bigger power.

The shock came to me at last and it made me freeze for a split second. I choked a giant sob, uncontrolled. No, come on! I was angry for letting myself stop. Drake looked at me uncertainly, and I shook my head. 'No, I'm fine.' I gritted my teeth and took a shuddered breath. We were playing with the big boys now. There was no time for this. We managed to get downstairs and to the Jeep without any assault: surprising. I could only guess that they had been the blood on Steve's shirt. Oh God, Steve...he looked nearly broken. It felt painful to think of him like that. It was bringing back memories of the ghosts. Oh. not them again. Anything but that. I took another breath and made an attempt to sound normal, even though I wanted to crawl into a corner and sob and sob.

'Where to?'

The End

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