Scarecrow: Blind Rage

I don't really remember where the explosions stopped and the gunfire began but I remember the feeling of satisfaction when my fist connected with the first guy's face and I felt bone splinter under my fingers.

There were three more of them and I dropped the first guy and then grabbed another and smacked his face off of the desk repeatedly until blood spurted everywhere. It felt like minutes but it was only seconds as I spun around and my elbow connected with the third guy's face and I watched him stagger backwards and spit out blood and a few teeth. Scarecrow was not in a good mood today.

I grabbed the last guy by the throat and pinned him against the wall with one hand as I squeezed slowly crushing his windpipe. I could hear gunfire but I paid no heed. All I wanted to do was strangle the b***ard and make him suffer. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head and I decided I was bored with this game so I grabbed his head in both hands and snapped his neck.

I jumped over the desk as more mercenaries approached and I threw myself at them bodily, bone splintering under punches and I even kicked out a few kneecaps and watched as fibias and tibias snapped out to protrude from skin. I got a text in the middle of it all and I pulled out my normal phone to see that someone had sent me a message to say that Kuyt had scored fro Liverpool. "Who gives a s**t?!" I used the phone to beat someone's face in and blood spurted everywhere as I smashed it repeatedly into his face watching as his nose got mashed back into his skull.

Suddenly the elevator dinged open and all of a sudden I saw that the lobby had begun to fill up with gas. "Crow I'm going upstairs care to come with?" Drake stood at the doors, gun in hand.

Oh yeah I have a gun too....

I dove towards the elevator just as someone rolled a flashbomb into the area. It went off and I stumbled against the back of the elevator wall as Drake frantically pushed at buttons. The doors closed and I shook my head and rubbed my eyes as I tried to get my vision back to normal. I realised I still had my phone in my hand. It was covered in blood and it beeped again as I got another message. U'll nevr guess wat ppl, Lucas scored, yeah u hrd ryt, Lucas ACTUALY SCORED. 2-0 to Liverpool. Cum on lads!

"Bah!" I threw my phone at the floor. "What's wrong?" Drake squinted at me as his vision slowly came back to him too. "Bloody friends. Bloody soccer. Beth will be delighted to think tha..." I paused as I remembered that HQ had blown up. Beth wouldn't be thinking anything anytime soon.

The doors opened and we barrelled down towards Dani's room with nurses and doctors pausing in their tracks to stare at us in surprise.

I pushed open the door to the room to find Dani sitting up in the bed wide eyed. "Get dressed. Fast." I slung the bag off my back and threw it to her.

"What's going on? Why are you covered in blood Crow?" her voice sounded tired and I felt a wave of something wash over me as I crouched at the door in defence mode. "Where's Beth and Jag?"

I turned from the door for a moment to look at her with haunted eyes. I don't think I had ever felt like I was feeling at that moment. "They're dead." I took a deep breath and turned back to the door as the tears spilled down my face.

The End

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