Drake: Hospital, these guys need it

Crow guns the car into the hospital after people just tried to kill us repeatedly time after time. I personally was getting sick of the killing, but I had an uncanny feeling it wasn't going to stop there. I take out my SMCU pistol which had about the same amount of customizations that you can get on a M4 Carbine I look at an half empty clip. I should be a little more responsible about my equipment, then again I didn't expect to be facing hordes of mafia.  Crow doesn't seem to notice as I dig around in the Jeeps glove compartment for some more clips.

Once I loaded  up we had finally reached the hospital.  The lights had been turned off darkening the windows making it look to quite. Crow opened his door then slammed it hard enough to have the jeep rock back and forth on its shocks , and starts to walk towards the hospital. I quickly follow.  At the front desk sat a nervous looking girl tapping away at her keyboard.  Crow asks the girl where Dani is then from the back of the desk steps out several mercenaries.

Even though my hand was already on my gun Crow had already jumped over the desk and was bashing one of the mercenaries face in. The mercenaries fellows reach for there guns, but at that point in time mine was already out and I had shot there hands.

"Six more shots."  I mutter and jump behind the desk as Crow makes easy work of the mercenaries who I disabled. 

The fire exit bangs open and machine gun fire rings out through the reception. The poor girl at the desk was trying to squeeze herself into a cupboard but found that stacks of paper tend not to compress.  I take a few shots killing those few mafia members that don't understand the concept of cover. Crow leaps over the front desk.  Does he know he does happen to have a gun? 

My pistol empties and I find myself grabbing a mercenaries P 90 and pistol then follow after crow providing covering fire as he smash his fist into faces.  I take out more people who attempt to jump into the fray through the fire exit. I feel a bullet slide by my knee. It was only a smell flesh wound but it was bleeding ridiculously, making the floor slippery.  With the P90 in my left hand and pistol in the right I jump over the enemies cover and shoot every single one through the head.   The reception was empty but the fight wasn't over. The elevators ding open and gas fills the room.

" Crow I'm going upstairs care to come with?"      

The End

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