Scarecrow: The fat lady WILL sing

After going into the locker room to change and pick up a few bits, including my private phone I walked out and paced outside HQ until the other 3 showed up in the car and then Drake calmly explained things to me while Jagan and Beth skipped up the steps and vanished into the building.

I needed no convincing to go and see Dani and we both started to walk towards the SCIT jeep (I had insisted on taking the jeep instead of the car for the simple reason that there were more defences in the jeep).

We reached the jeep and were just about to get in when my mind flicked back to exactly what Drake had said. "Did you say that they're going to blow HQ up?"

Drake looked at me over the roof of the jeep. "Eh.. yeah I think so." he looked puzzled "We weren't really sure though for the simple reason that we..."

"AND YOU LET MY SISTER AND OUR FRIEND AND COMRADE JUST WALK INTO IT LIKE NOTHING WAS WRONG?!!" I roared as I made to slam the door shut. It was at that moment that the whole building decided to light up like the fourth of July and Drake and I hit the ground instinctively as a lump of debris flew over our heads.

After a second of staring with my mouth open I scrambled to my feet and began running towards the burning wreck that was HQ. "BETH!" I screamed as I felt Drake grab the back of my jacket and pull me back down on the ground as another explosion went off and the top of the building started to slide sideways and crumble.

"That's my sister in there you a**hole." I punched him and he went reeling backwards in shock. I reached the door just as it blew out and fire filled the doorway, making it impossible for me to get inside.

I fell to my knees a few metres from the building and began to sob. "Why Beth? I failed, I did it again. Mom was right." Suddenly I felt Drake's hand on my shoulder and I turned to look up at him, tears making little tracks down my soot blackened face. "Crow, we can't let them get to Dani. Please, I don't want to lose any more of the team. I was supposed to come around to keep you guys together and now look what's happened."

I stood and ran for the jeep with Drake, taking one last look behind me at the flames. "I'm so sorry little sis." I choked, tears blinding me.

Drake was getting in behind the wheel when I grabbed the door. "I'm driving." It wasn't a request and he moved over into the passenger seat as I swung in and started it up. "Crow I'm so sorry." he started but I cut him off. "Save it. I'm not in human mode right now." He looked puzzled and then realisation hit him as he looked in the mirror and saw the black Pajero on our tail. "Oh christ." he muttered

I rolled down the window and pulled my Firestar and smiled as I remembered one particular car chase when I had just joined SCIT and Foster had been very pessimistic.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and no matter how many starting notes I think I hear, that doesn't seem likely to happen right now... 

I tightened my grip on my gun and a cold hard smile spread across my face. "She'll sing."

Drake looked at me when I said this as he clung to the seat with a look in his eye that said he was praying to the gods that my erratic driving wouldn't get us killed.

I took one eye off the road and swerved sideways causing the jeep to slide a few feet as I fired off two carefully aimed shots and blew the tires of the Pajero causeing it to hit another car and flip over our heads and land in a fiery explosion on the other side of us. I never miss.

I swung the wheel around and pressed the pedal to the floor as we sped towards the hospital.

"She's just clearing her throat."

The End

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