Drake: They know our every move

We all pile into the one car. I felt fairly uncomfortable, Jagan kept eyeing me suspiciously. What was with that? Did I pee in his cornflakes? Well then again he was probably still pissed off about earlier. As we drove to the hospital Jagan's phone rang.

" Crow? Shouldn't you be in bed?

Oh I see. We'll turn around." Jagan puts the phone down, " He back at HQ Dani got hurt and he seems fine."

" These guys seem to know everything about where we are and where we are going. Its beginning to get annoying." I comment

Jagan mumbled something inaudible. I began to think of lots of different ways of tracing and tracking. GPS dots where effective , and easy to conceal, but they would have had to somehow come into contact with everything we possess. Which possibly meant that if they could do that without our knowledge they're could be bombs planted in the HQ which could go if they have hacked SCIT security systems.

" We shouldn't go into HQ!" I say a little loudly.

" What are you on about?" Jagan and Beth say from the front seat.

" These guys know our every move. That means they must have GPS Dots on everything right?"

They both nod , and I continue. " If they can do that without our realization they could easily have planted bombs in HQ and wait for a good time to take us all out in one foul swoop. Is they a way to see security footage from your headquarter without going in?" I ask.

I probably sounded paranoid but couldn't help feel these guys where trying to take us out and this was the easiest and fastest way.

" Well what do you say I'm paranoid or have a point?" I ask the two in front.

The End

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