Scarecrow: Intuition

Dani told me to stay in the hospital until I'd got the all clear but I felt uneasy about it for some reason. How would Teresa have known I was here if she'd come in on her own?

As Dani walked out the door the doctor walked in with a clipboard and smiled at me. "You can go now. Just take it easy Crow." I grinned at him. "Yeah, don't wanna see me back in here again anytime soon Doc."

He pointed to the clothes beside the bed. "You might wanna get dressed and get after her before her lift drives off and you've to get a taxi."

My blood ran cold. "Lift?"

"Yeah some guy asked reception when she'd be down because he was giving her a lift."

I was out of bed and pulling on clothes faster then I think I'd ever dressed myself before. My gun was there too and I half smiled to myself. Thanks Dani I thought.

"What's wrong?" The doctor asked and I pulled on my boots and jumped to my feet. "Someone was sent in here to try and kill me. Dani didn't have a lift. She was driving herself."

He paled considerably and I pushed past him and ran down the hallway.

A nurse smiled at me as I ran past "You just missed her, she literally just stepped into the lift." she called.

I paused at the lifts and looked at the dial on top. If I had to wait for a lift I'd never make it in time. I took the stairs.

I tore down the staircase and all the time I planned how I was going to kill Montgomery.. and any guy that laid a finger on Dani.

As I reached the last flight of stairs, my ears picked up the faint sound of gunfire. "S@*t!"

I ran into the lobby to see people had ducked down in all directions. They stared at me in shock as I skidded around the corner and barrelled out the door. The first thing I saw was Teresa Holmes, still strapped into a wheelchair near the door. Then I saw a trail of blood where someone had either limped or been dragged away.

I followed the sound of gunshots and then suddenly I saw her climb out of her car and say something. Then she kicked a guy in the jaw as he ran towards her, no small feat considering he was taller then her. I must remember she's that flexible.... No, not the time for such thoughts Crow!

She ducked behind a people carrier right in front of  me, her back was to me and I resisted the urge to call out as I snuck towards her, sticking to the shadows. Before I'd gotten very far she stood up slowly and a man walked from behind a car and punched her in the back of the head. As she fell, time seemed to move slow motion for me. Her head smacked into the pavement and she lay completely still.

I saw the man draw back his hand to bring the gun down into her stomach and I found myself suddenly behind him. I grabbed his raised arm and he turned in surprise as I brought my knee up into his stomach. He doubled up and dropped the gun as I punched him in the face. I felt his nose splinter under my fist and then I spun around with my elbow raised to catch another guy who was running towards me in the face. He went down without a sound and didn't move. I had completely forgotten I had a gun in my rage and as another four guys came at me I settled into a fighting stance. "Come on a**holes." One of them half kicked Dani out of his way and I crouched even further and let out a gutteral growl. "I'm gonna rip you limb from limb for that." He paled a little as he looked into my eyes. If looks could kill he'd be dead a thousand times over. They all paused and nobody moved. I took it as an opportunity to suss out where they all were and how close.

The one guy made to draw his gun and I lunged at him and tackled him into the side of a car. I punched him twice and then dropped him unconscious on the ground. Then I moved to the next one that came at me. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and smashed my knee into his face, watching as his tooth went through his lip and his eye socket began to bleed. Cracked no doubt.

The third guy came at me and I used his momentum to fling him into a car. He let out a high pitched shriek as there was a snapping sound and he collapsed, writhing on the ground. Hasta la vista spine.

I looked around for the fourth guy and saw him crouched over Dani with a knife in his hand. I moved without thinking. In less then five seconds I had taken his head in my hands and twisted, snapping his neck with a certain euphoric feeling.

I heard a beeping noise and I didn't pause to look around.

Scooping Dani up into my arms I walked back towards the hospital doors as a car erupts in an explosion behind me. Cool guys don't look at explosions I smiled grimly as I walked in the doors and stood in the lobby.

A large bruise had formed on the side of Dani's forehead and there was a trickle of blood coming from the corner of her mouth. My doctor ran around the corner towards us and I stared stonily at him. "Double head trauma and I think she bit her tongue."

He called for a trolley and I laid Dani on it gently, smoothing her hair out of her face. "I'm going to get him Babe. I promise." I kissed her softly and then turned to the doctors. "Maximum security. Her life is under threat ok? MAXIMUM." I emphasised the word and they nodded. "I'll be back soon. Keep her safe or it's on your head."

I turned and strode out of the hospital and hailed a cab. Time to get back to HQ and find out what's going on with the others.

The End

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