Drake: Let me guess


" What did he tell you?" Jagan asks me, I smile , and begin. I pass him over a note book with addresses , and such.

" This guy has everything, reason why no one shoots for him is because he has people everywhere, the DoJ , Rico went as far as to claim that he got people in government , so I wouldn't trust anyone outside of this department." I warn and continue on , " I say we should wait for your Dani , and Steve to show up before we hit those addresses. I'm a little tired of shooting people today." I say looking at the time it was near 6 pm which meant we are all still on or at least for me I was.

Jagan looked at with a suspecting eyeball. I guess he still didn't trust me, I couldn't blame but I realized what I had just said may have been a catalyst for his opinion on me. I'll just have to watch what I say , and soon enough I'll prove him that I'm not against him.

Then Beth spoke.

" You iknows its funny we haven't heard a squeak from Dani or Crow."

" Here I'll phone Dani up. Crows probably out." Jagan say dialling Dani number.

About 30 seconds pass and theirs no answer.

" Let me guess. We are taking a trip to the hospital right?" I say reloading my pistol.

The End

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