Dani: damsel.

I looked at Teresa, who was sprawled across the floor, a vision in leather. She had proved herself a bit all over the place: to be completely honest I didn't know whose side she was on, but I did know that she was now involved. Which meant this was a bigger operation than I'd estimated. How many people had Montgomery got in?

'I'll take her back to HQ.' I pointed toward Teresa and Steve pulled a face. I wanted to laugh but I wasn't sure whether he was reacting to Teresa or was actually wincing from pain. 'You stay here.' He opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off. 'At least as long as they've done all the tests they need to do. We can't have you nearly dying again- it would give that scumbag way too much satisfaction.' There seemed to be a growing resentment toward Montgomery on my part. But when a guy was trying this hard to find Steve dead...boy was he in trouble. I made sure Teresa was firmly handcuffed and sat her on a wheelchair- well, I wasn't going to carry her down to the car.

It was when I was walking around to the driver seat that I saw him come out from the shadows, out of the corner of my eye. Before I could react I felt a hand round my mouth and was turned roughly, my back against the car door, to face him. He sneered. I'm guessing this was Montgomery, then: he was smartly dressed but I only saw the b*astard underneath. 'Well, look who it is: Danielle Lewis.'

With a deft movement I took my gun and held it to his temple. The safety catch flew off and I smiled grimly. He removed his hand: the guy expected a comeback. I kept silent.

'I trust you know who I am.'


'And I trust you know what I am doing.'

I felt my top lip curl instinctively. 'A hostage, Montgomery? Isn't that a bit...cliche?'

'But entirely effective: they cannot resist a damsel in distress.'

'I'm no damsel.' His hand flew to my gun and I let off a shot, then watched in shock as the bullet pierced through his leg, blood spurting onto my own. Come on Dani, don't wince. That's behind you. All the same I didn't like shooting on close contact. Montgomery fell writhing to the floor and I heard heavy footsteps before I saw the burly men running with gathering speed toward the car. I grabbed the car door and hauled myself inside, then slammed the accelerator and sped off through the parking lot. A man leapt onto the bonnet, but I leaned out of the window and the Sniper Revenge removed him swiftly, and I swerved his body. It was a race against time, and I kindof expected them to burst the tyres eventually. I climbed calmly from the car. 'Well guys, I have to say you thought of that a lot later than I did.'

One of the men ran for me and I kicked him in tha jaw. Woah. I hadn't expected that to work. He fell unconscious and I ducked behind a nearby people carrier as bullets crashed through its blacked-out windows. Sooner or later somebody had to look out of the window. This was a hospital, after all. These guys were seriously risky to be playing about like that..it was as if they hadn't expected a fight. I stood up slowly and then I felt a fist in the back of my head. Way to go for showing them you're no damsel, Dani. I fell heavily to the ground and it started to go a little black...a lot black...

The End

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