Drake: How did you get out of jail?


"I'm sure..... We should get going." I could feel that staying here would be unnecessary , and dangerous.

We walk through the intersection. The police now had everything majorly under control. Beth looked at my car.

" Do you normally go throw this many cars?" She jokes.

" Not recently, but I had a lengthy record when I was with SCMU. Some say that's why I left because they where going to start charging me for the cars."

" You must be a horrible driver." She continued to joke.

" Ha ha, No military crime issues have this tenancy to have tanks , missile, and loads of explosives." I didn't want to have a bad rep with cars , because I do enjoy driving vehicles of all sorts."

We walked halfway across the bridge then hailed a taxi , and finally got to HQ. No explosions no guns no planted taxi driver. I was quite happy , I was a little tired of filling bodies with lead.

Once the taxi driver was payed off with a little argument who was paying , which eventually we decide we would both pay half the fine. We walked into the building and found Jagan near the holding cells.

Beth runs over to him , and embraces him in a tight hug.

" yeah I think I'm going to meet your friend, Jagan." I say then quickly pry the doors to the holding cells.

Most of the cells where empty except for the one where a familiar face stood. He grinned at my arrival,obviously he didn't forget me.

" How did you get out of jail Rico?" I ask calmly.

" Oh a very ,very good friend and some money, and a promise I'll do some work." He grins.

" Well now I definitely know you have some secrets to tell Rico, too bad this wasn't recorded but now at least I know your worth something."

He suddenly regrets seeing me. The door opens , Beth , and Jagan walks through.

" Well I see you acquainted with my friend." Jagan starts.

" Well you definitely caught the right guy Jagan. I think the Baron may have Bailed him out of jail."

The End

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