Bethany: Who could be calling now?

Shoot out. My cell rings. I pause in my firing and yank it from my pocket and check the ID.

"Jagan! This really isn't a good time!" I shout, shooting with one hand, the phone pressed to my cheek.

"Beth! Is that-- is that gun shots?"

"Yeah! Like I said, not the best of times to call, sweetie!" I fire another two rounds, holding the cell with my shoulder as I switch clips. I run around the corner with Drake, still managing to keep the speaker to my ear.

"Are you all right?" He asked, worried.

"Fine. Just fighting for my life! I'm just hoping that you're calling because of something important rather than just to chat."

A kid faced us with a pistol and Drake kicked it out of his hands. He mistook my look to be scolding. I was just shocked that such a youngster would face up to us like that. But then again, they train 'em young in the mafia.

Out of ammo. I grab the spare that Steve gave me.

"I've got a man here," Jagan continued. "Rico. I figure you'd want to help interrogate him."

"Sure," I say, and fire off some more shots. Another man falls.

" 'Kay, get back here as fast as you can. Be safe. I love you."

"Love you too, hon, talk to ya soon." I hang up, tossing the cell aside. Click. Out of ammo again. The man before me smiles devilishly. I return it and kick the look off his face. He falls, out cold. I grab his gun and dispatch another.

"We need to get back to HQ," I tell Drake, continuing to fight the thugs off. "Jag's got a man for us."

"All righty then," He replies, jamming the side of his weapon into a guys jaw. "Let's just finish up here and we'll be on our way."

How many are there? I ask, as five huge men round the corner. Two have machine guns, one has a shot gun, leaving the remaining with Glocks. Drake and I move to fire on them... and click!

"I'm out!" I scream.

"Me too..."

Uh-oh. They move in on us. "Putcha hands up," one brute snarls. We obey, dropping our guns.

"Walk slowly towards me." Again, we obey. I'd rather not be filled with holes when I leave here.

I step ahead of Drake, shooting him a look and a hand signal as I rest my fingers behind my head. He nods, barely perceptible. When I'm an arms' length from the first man, I lung, grabbing the shotgun from his hands. One blow to the chin and his head snapped back, breaking his neck. Without pause I turned on the next man. From the corner of my eye I see Drake beating the first machine-gunman with his fists. Soon that weapon is his.

That lovely double click sound as I cock the shotgun, and then two more are down. The blood from such close quarters spatters my front and the walls surrounding. I take evil joy in that macabre thought.

Man, I'm turning into Steve more and more, I think, laughing as I watch their bodies fall.

The others are already down, thanks to Drake, and I stagger back, exhausted by the adrenaline now leaving my fight.

"That's it?" I ask, slumping against the wall. Drake still has his gun readied.

"I-I think so."

"Good. I've had enough fighting for the day."

He chuckled. "Just wait till tomorrow, Beth, there'll be thirty more then, I'm sure..."

The End

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