Drake: How do they know our next move?

After our very heart racing car chase , I was so happy that my own car was a smoking wreck because I think we would have been so finished.

" Should we head to head quarters?" I ask.

" Yep. There we should phone Steve, and Dani...... maybe even Jagan." She hesitated the last bit understandably.

I kept on driving across town , inside the car was pretty silent. I take a right and meet a roadblock not made with make shift roadblocking equipment. How do they know our next move? I hardly know our next move. My suspicion was definitely not hard to find on my face. I begin to pull a U turn to avoid confrontation but that didn't work because I spike strip was just rolled out , and the only downfall to this car was the fact it didn't have gel tires. I pushed the pedal to the floor , and hoped for the best as I feel all for tires pop , and the car grinds across for lanes of impossibly dense traffic and the car was smacked into two times. We come to a halt with minor whiplash and a huge need to get the hell out but the doors where crushed shut. Beth started trying to kick the doors open with little success.

"Come one Chris where is that handy hydraulic release you love so much." I mutter attacking each and every button and nob. Until I find it somehow.

" Run!" Beth yells , and find no problem with that as dart out of the car with the more mafia , and gangster shooting at us.

" Wow you guys really do have the best cases around." I say as me turn a corner , and leap over a fence.

" Yep." Beth agrees with me.

Just as we nearly exit the corner gangsters cut us off. Both Beth , and I guns fly into our hands and all make fatal shots at them and continue on. I stop at the bodies , and find myself , a upgraded M4 carbine, A really nice scope, a carbon fibre shoulder guard , and custom less friction barrel for more accuracy.

" Even in SCMU these parts didn't come cheap." I mutter then begin taking steady shots killing groups of three men with short burst of bullets. One thing I learned from the military , and that was being a crack shot with every weapon I pick up.

" Why the hell is someone calling me now?" Beth yells as she takes another two shots taking down more gangsters.

"Let it ring unless its one of the others." I reply taking more frequent burst to suppress them, but more kept coming. Beth looked at the phone and answered it. " Jagan , this really isn't a good time!" She try's to keep an angry tone

" Where are they coming from?!" I yell as the clip empties , and I switch the clips around this guy was smart enough to tape to clips side by side. We dart around another corner and try to lose them as Beth who is still talking to Jagan. I wonder what would be important enough to talk about while we run away from a group of homicidal group of unprofessionally trained killers? I turn a corner and this young kid holds a pistol up nervously. I don't hesitate to kick the gun out of kids hands knocking the poor kid over. Beth looks at me like I'm your average child abuser.

" Whats better getting shot , or kicking the gun out of the kids hands?" I ask as we duck underneath more bullets. In front of us is a ware house with a opened up stairwell. A good place for us to make a proper stand off.

The End

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