Scarecrow: Reaction

I opened my eyes slowly and saw Dani with her back to me and a gun pointed at a woman I knew to be Teresa Holmes.

"What's going on?" I mumbled, the drugs still in my system.

"You murderer!" Teresa spat at me and I felt suddenly bitter.

"I am a murderer yes." I struggled to sit up and watched as she looked at Dani with a triumphant smile. "I told you so." she made to push her out of the way but Dani just moved slightly and pressed the gun against her forehead. "Move and die." she hissed and I felt a sudden surge of pride at her.

"I have killed numerous amounts of people to save millions more." I continued as I finally managed to prop myself up in the bed. "But I have never, and I mean NEVER killed someone for no reason."

Teresa looked surprised and then her expression hardened again. "Then why did you kill Marissa? What did she do to you?" her tone was accusatory and I felt like slapping her around the room for some reason.

"I didn't kill Marissa. I'm going to prove that I didn't kill Marissa, and the only way that you or anyone other then the agents involved would have found out that I was chief suspect is from the person who did kill her and planted my DNA on site."

Teresa looked as though I had just told her she had a giant wart on her face. "You mean you didn't kill her then?"

"No I didn't kill Marissa." I said patiently.

Teresa relaxed and Dani slowly lowered her gun. "If I had killed Marissa then don't you think I'd be in a prison cell and not in a hospital because I was being held by non-government gangsters that bet me to within inches of my life because they had nothing better to do?"

Teresa had the good grace to look ashamed.

"I just can't believe she's gone." Tears began to fall from her eyes and Dani tucked her gun into it's holster and moved forwards to comfort the apparently distraught woman. Something was bugging me though, Teresa was fake, she didn't really like Marissa, the two of them just tolerated each other. Intuition told me there was something else and then I saw the flash of metal as Teresa pulled a knife from her pocket and lunged towards Dani.

I don't think I've ever moved so fast in my life. I was out of the bed and crouched half over Dani, one hand protectively wrapped around her waist and the other one raised to hold Teresa's wrist in a death-like grip as I glared at her over the top of Dani's head. The knife clattered to the floor and I felt Dani tremble slightly and lean further back into me. A sudden burst of anger filled my body as I thought about what could have happened if I hadn't been awake. Nobody was going to hurt Dani on my watch. NOBODY! I took a deep breath and revelled in how I towered over the now shaking Miss Holmes even though my body was screaming blue murder at me as my muscles twinged in agony.

"That was the second biggest mistake you have ever made in your life Teresa." I half whispered as she stared up at me at me in stark terror. "The first was believing what Jerry told you."

She was never a good one for confrontation as I remembered. Teresa gave a small sigh and her eyes rolled back in her head as she fainted from fear. I just let go of her arm and let her fall. I didn't give a damn about her anymore.

I buried my face in Dani's hair and held her close. "On this case babe, the next time you don't know someone, keep the gun trained on em at all times you hear?" I whispered. "I don't want my girlfriend getting hurt because people are after me." I liked saying that. Girlfriend...

The End

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