Dani: nobody messes with...well.

Back at the side of the hospital bed. I'd sat in the ambulance watching the various syringes being pushed into Steve and if I hadn't been counting the different sedatives it probably would have been quite a tender moment. I mean, sure, we were in an ambulance for a reason. But I couldn't stop smiling. I felt really silly but at the same time I knew I wasn't going to stop anytime soon. I was about a step away from giggling: but when the guy is half-dead it doesn't exactly make for comical. Beth had been laughing pretty heartily when we'd left. I was glad; she'd looked so disoriented when Jagan had gone. Then again I could see his reasons for leaving- we did after all have a murder case to solve, and number one suspect to protect. As soon as he woke up. My thumb gently stroked against his hand.

'We are way too used to this situation, you know.' I murmured into the room. Just then I saw a woman, about seven years older than me, march past the door, before starting and tearing in, her hair flailing angrily behind her in frustrated curls. Her mascara was smudged: this wasn't going to be pretty. I jumped up straight away. Whether it was shock or the fact that this woman looked seriously pissed I couldn't be sure.

'Him! He deserves to be dead! You're sick, all of you, you're all sick! But he is the worst of them all!' She ran for Steve but I tackled her before she could reach the bed. For an older woman, she was pretty weak. I pinned her down and resisted her scratches on my arm. 'Get off me!'

'Not until you tell me who you are and what you're talking about.'

'Why should I?' She looked at me with such malice, I nearly flinched. 'If you're helping him you-'

'Let me guess.' I cut her off, and she contorted her face into further rage. 'You're Marissa's best friend.' I let go of her and stood up. She tried to do the same but broke down. I gently guided her to a chair and she sat down limply, as if all of the rage had drained her.

'Teresa Holmes....' She sobbed. Well at least she was willing to co-operate. 'She...he just killed her...why? Why would he do that?' I narrowed my eyes as I realised why Teresa would know of all this. They don't just tell civilians these things. Plus they didn't have Steve convicted. No police officer would tell her that.

'When did Jerry Montgomery visit you Teresa?' Her face grew pale, and I knew I'd hit a nerve.

'I...I've never heard of him...'

'He had a relationship with Marissa, of course you know him.'

'He didn't tell me anything! He...he...No!' Her eyes suddenly glinted with that same anger as before, and she lunged for the bed again. I whipped the DSR-1 from my side and aimed it at Teresa. (I still couldn't believe Steve had thrown my Sniper Revenge. If it had been anybody else I would have been really annoyed.) The safety catch was still on but never the less she stopped dead in her tracks.

'Nobody messes with my...' Erm. Were we "going out" now? Calling him my boyfriend would be a bit weird if we weren't, but then again, where else was I going with that sentence? Maybe I could just take a different approach. 'We could do this two ways, Teresa. You don't actually want to hurt him, and there is no real evidence to prove that he killed Marissa. Now you tell me what Jerry Montgomery told you to do, or you could land yourself in a lot of trouble.'

Good time to wake up would be now, Steve...

The End

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