Bethany: "Gun it!"

The bell on the door rang as I entered the gun shop. Vinny was standing behind a counter, cleaning a small pistol. He looked up, his hand straying slightly to his side. He was packing, or course, in this kind of neighborhood. But I saw a panic in his eyes for a split second. He was never this paranoid. Something was up. His cheeks widened in a grin.

"Hey, Bethy, baby! How you doin' sugar?" He looked me up and down. "Golly, girl, you're lookin' hotter every time I see ya."

"Hello, Vincent. I see you haven't changed," I said and tightened my jacket around myself, covering up what little skin was showing.

He laughed bitterly. "Yeah, unfortunately. Everything's the same. I've been keeping myself single, hopin' that you'd come back to me, baby."

I leaned on the glass display case over an M16, and picked up the gun Vinny had been cleaning, now forgotten. "You know it was never like that, Vincent."

"That's just what you've been trying to believe, Bee."

He was arrogant as always, in his greasy dark haired Italian way. "No, that's what I always tried to get you to believe." I started reassembling the weapon as he just stared openly at me.

"So you aren't visitin' me 'cause you want me back, eh?"

"No, Vinny, I'm not. I'm taken as it is, but that's not the reason I'm here. I'm working on a case and I'm looking for some information."

"You a cop now?" He said with a slight measure of panic in his voice.

"Yeah, Vinny, I am," I smiled up at him seductively, "I always told you I would be. So can you help me out?"

"Well, I don't--"

"Aw, come on now, you can't do me a favor?" I reached up and twisted a lock of dark hair out of his face. "Please?"

He crumbled. "I... I guess, Bethany, but I can't say a lot about anything. There's some... trouble going down, if you know what I mean."

"With the Baron?" I guessed.

"But I didn't tell ya anything 'bout it," he whispered.

"I understand. So can you give me some info on something else then?"

It wasn't long before I was walking out of there with what he could give me.

Drake was leaning up against the armored car, his arms folded, and looking menacing with his sunglasses. "You get anything from him?"

"Yeah, a few numbers, but he claims not to know the address of the place. He also seemed a little nervous about something."

"I know why," he eyed the corner of Vinny's store, "A group of people carrying concealed weapons just walked by. They are heading to the back of the store. I think we should tail them instead of engaging them or sneaking around. I think they have approximately 20 - 30 people with them."

Oh great. "Yeah that sounds like a good idea."

Just as we're heading to the car, I head a sharp sound. A man threw Vinny through the door, holding a gun to his head.

"Idiot," I heard him say before pulling the trigger. I let out an involuntary whimper. Then the man looks at us. Drake fires and quickly dispatches the man. We jump into the car as footfalls announce the presence of the other men, coming our way. They take a few shots at us, but they pass harmlessly.

Drake mutters something and puts the car in gear. "I hope you love car chases..." I didn't hear the rest; I was pulling out my gun as we sped off, with tires squealing. I knew we'd be followed. Right behind us, firing shots at us. I leaned out the window and aimed, shooting for both the driver and gunman. Drake rounded a corner. They ducked as my shots passed a hair's breadth from their cheeks. "Ugh!" I muttered, "Keep straight, you're knocking my aim off!"

"I'm, trying! But we've got more company!" Drake was exasperated, his hands gripping the wheel tightly.

Another car, truck, two guys with machine guns, coming right at us from the side. Drake sped up before they could T-bone us. I shot all three guys. The side-view mirror exploded beside me and I remembered the two men chasing us. With three more shots, I killed the gunner and set the car on fire. It exploded directly after, throwing car parts and the others off our trail.

"Gun it!" I yelled and we zoomed off. "D*mn those blasted gangsters! I HATE the Mafia!"

Drake just laughed.

The End

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