Drake: Thank whoever invented plexiglass.

I let Beth go into Vinny's shop alone. First off two people going in would be suspicious, second I have this bad habit with messing with a simple things like talking for information. I can interrogate but to pry some information without being in a room no. I analyze, and break things down and ask too many questions. Like I said good for interrogation. I do how ever step out of the car, and move my gone to a faster place to draw if need be. I lean up against the black light armoured car , my friend Chris brags of the contracts with CIA, I think its bull , but I do have to say he does do a good job building secure cars.

I begin to Survey my surroundings, I could definitely label this place as a part of town you would prefer to not live in. Lots of people walking around in groups, large baggy pants , and sweaters. I could also smell the the smoking of illegal drugs. It was always a question for me why do they to that to themselves? Around the corner I hear two barely street legal cars head up the streets , and park themselves across the road.

I don't like what I see step out behind the cars also came a few vans where a large group of people began to step out. I quickly glanced and sized up each person, all had concealed weapons I could tell from bulges , the stiff way they walked, and too boot they began to walk around back the store where I presumed was a loading bay. I checked the window again Beth was just walking out of the store.

" You get anything from him?" I ask

" Yeah a few numbers but he claims not to know the address of the place. He also seemed a little nervous about something."

" I know why. A group of people carrying concealed weapons just walked by they are heading to the back of the store. I think we should tail them instead of engaging them or sneaking around. I think they have approximately have 20 - 30 people with them. " I suggest.

" Yeah that sounds like a good idea." Beth replies.

Before we get into the car a man I presume as Vinny smashes onto a door ripping it off its hinges. A broad muscular man holding a custom desert eagle at his head.

" Idiot." He mutters and presses the trigger blowing the poor guys brains out. He looks at us and knows exactly who we are.

In a moment at waist height I fire my pistol which knocks the gun out of the mans hands and take one more at the mans chest. More men began to come around , and out of the store. Beth and I took more shots but knew it was best we get into the car. As I open my door a few shots just barily mess me and put nice hole interior of the door. Bullets crashed into the plexiglass.

" Thank whoever invent plexiglass and button ignition cars." I mutter as Beth just gets in the passenger seat," I hope you love car chases. These guys barely have street legal cars." I say as I rev the engine the car more bullets pinged into the car but so far the plexiglass was holding. I began to speed ahead with our friends not to far behind, shooting at us like laws didn't matter.

The End

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