Jagan: I don't freakin care.

I flipped out my pistol and everything went in slow motion as the bullet left his gun. It hit the wall behind me, sending up sparks and a loud sound instantly followed. I pulled the trigger and watched as his head flew back from the impact of the bullet. He flew backwards through the air and landed on the destroyed carpet, dead.

I looked around quickly, and stood still and listened. Nothing. Well, except for some screams. I ran down the hallway, my gun pointed at the floor, I looked through the open door quickly, but then continued to walk down the hall.

Suddenly, the sound of a gun cocking hit me. I spun around to see a man holding a machine gun that I didn't recognize, "Hello." I said, trying not to show my shock.

"Hi." he said with an evil smile. He put the butt of his gun against his shoulder and took aim at me, "Bye."

I fired my gun again and sent him to the ground dead, "This is too easy." I mumbled to myself, turning around.

Suddenly, I heard a door break down, and I spun around to see three guys, all holding different kinds of guns.

They looked at the two dead bodies, then back at me, "GET HIM!" they yelled, immediately taking aim.

Oh shoot. I thought, as I took off down the hallway, just as the sparks began to fly as the bullets whizzed by my head. I pushed open the door at the end of the hallway and darted left. There was another hallway and I began to run all the way down. There was a man sitting at the other end smoking.

As soon as I noticed him, the men who were chasing me rounded the corner and started firing at me again and yelled, "JACKIE GET 'M!"

The man who was smoking dropped his cigarette and flipped out a pistol gangster style. I fired once, but that's all I needed. He also dropped dead.

I had to think fast, as the bullets whizzed by me again. I looked up to see that a door had a small window on it.

I thought fast, a little too fast. I jumped up in the air and shot the glass, shattering it and flying through the window into another room. I started running again and groaned as the door behind me flew open and I realized that it had been unlocked. I rolled my eyes at myself and kept running, the bullets continuing to miss me.

Man these guys need some target practice. I thought, leaping over a man knocked out on the floor, probably drunk.

I came to a fork and faked left, faked right, and then went left. I love a double fake out, it's so effective.

Then I saw it, my way of escape. A window. I ran as fast as I could towards it, just as the men came around the corner and fired at me again. I turned for a moment and as I ran fired back wards at them, I missed a couple times but stopped the one with the machine gun, well by stopped I mean almost decapitated. I looked back and saw I was closer to the window than I had anticipated. I pointed at the window and fired. Well tried. My gun was empty. I pressed a button on the side and the clip fell out. I flipped out a new clip and stuck it inside and fired twice into the window. The window shattered just as I was about five feet away from it. I was going to make it, I leaped into the air to land on the window sill.

Suddenly, the door next to the window flew open and I hit it and fell to the ground.

I looked up to see three men stand over me, one I didn't recognize.

"Oh crap." I said under my breath.

Thinking quickly I brought up my leg into the back of the new guy's head, and sent him stumbling into the other two, I leaped to my feet and turned just in time to be shot at. They missed by a mile and I fired three shots, killing all three of them. Well, at least it sure looked like they were dead. But I didn't have time to check.

I glanced out the window and looked at the building next to the one I was in currently. I took a couple steps back and readied my gun, "Here we go." I ran as fast as I could and jumped out the window, kicking the wall as I went out into the fresh air. I shot as fast as I could into the nearest window of the next building. The window shattered and I landed on the edge and pulled myself up. I crawled in on all fours and took the deepest breaths I could, but as fast I could. I looked up briefly just to see where I was.

I saw tons of people staring at me, their guns pulled.

I relaxed and looked back at the ground and breathed a gun, I'm safe. I thought, feeling satisfied. Then I took a double take, I looked back up, They have guns too? I groaned as I stood, "Give me a break." I said to them.

One of them, obviously the leader, spoke up, "Who," he paused, "are you?"

I took one last deep breath, "Jagan Cover from the Special Crime Investigation Team, also known as SCIT. I am here investigating the murder of a young lady named Marissa..." I struggled to remember her last name, Oh come on Jagan, real professional. I ended my sentence there, which left some uneasy silence.

The leader spoke again, "Right. Well we don't know no Marissa."

"Well sir, would any of you be willing to tell me what you do know?"

The leader looked at the window that I had crawled through and then back at me, "You running from somebody?"

"Yeah." I said, half-smiling, now wondering if he was with them. Considering they were holding guns, I was going to go with a yes.

"You shoot any of my men?"

"Yeah." I said, my half-smile turning into more of a serious grin. Now a serious grin is like that smile that police officers give you when they say, 'You were speeding.'

The leader sighed, "Sorry I have to do this." he turned to his men, "Shoot him."

They all cocked their guns and took aim, "Wait." I said.

The leader looked at me for a quick moment, "What?"

"I know who the informant is." I said, thinking quickly.

"Informant?" the man asked, walking towards me, which was exactly what I wanted.

"Yes, I know who the informant is."

One of the men looked slightly uneasy, and I could see he was the most nervous out of all of them.

"Who?" the leader asked, starting to look hesitant.

"Him." I said, pointing to the nervous looking man.

The leader glanced at him and then back at me, "And you know this how?"

I made myself look as uneasy as possible.

The leader walked over to me and tapped his gun which was on his belt.

In a flash, I had him in my arms and had already pulled out his gun and threw it behind me. All the men turned to me and pointed their guns.

"Freeze or I shoot." I said, putting my gun to his neck.

The leader struggled, "Do as he says." then he whispered, "You'll be dead by morning."

"Doubt it." I whispered back.

I carried him out the door backwards, and took the elevator, which, psh, is actually quite safe. Once we got down to the bottom floor, I realized this building was in even worse shape than the other. I pulled the leader out the door and to my car and put him in, and handcuffed him then.

I walked around and got into the driver seat and started the car.

"So what's all this crap about Marissa?" the leader asked.

"So you do know her."

The man said nothing as I started to drive, fast.

Finally, he spoke up, "My name is Rico. And I don't freakin care who you are."

"I'm Jagan Cover."

"I told you I don't freakin care."

"Yeah well, I didn't freakin care about your name either, but you went ahead and told me anyway."

"Hey, nobody talks to me like that!" the man said angrily.

I just laughed, "This is going to be a long day for you. Now shut up and enjoy the sun and sky while you can. Because after I'm done with you, you won't see it again for a long time."

The man just scowled.


The End

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