Drake: Trying to be proffesional

The ambulance drove off , and I was stuck with the member of SCIT I probably got along with the least. Well she hasn't tried to make an indentation of her fist in my face. Yet. I was absolutely clueless to how to go about doing this thing. I was happy I didn't have to go arrest SCIT's agent or even convict anymore unless further evidence begins to prove him guilty. But most evidence we'll find are probably fake or compromised. Alright I'm going to act as professional as I can and if she finds a problem with it, I will just live with it. I pulled out the shiny box full of the business cards , and that leasing company , a whole bunch of gun dealing companies, and stores.

" Hey I found these on the guy I shot back there. Perhaps they are just plants , but these guys have some fancy guns , they need a place to store em and buy, so we could search the records and find where this guy get his mail. What do you think?" Iask

The End

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