Jagan: Nobody wants me around.

I stopped the car outside the run-down hotel. I had a hunch that this place would hold some clues, considering Marissa slept there the night before. Hey, who knows, maybe she made someone mad that night.

I opened the door and the second I entered the building, I knew that things were not well.

I walked over to the man at the desk and said, "Hello sir, I am Jagan Cover from the Special Crime Investigation Team-"

He cut me off, "Get out." he said, looking suddenly afraid, "Leave now, or you'll get us both killed."

"I'm sorry sir, I cannot do that." I said, keeping my cool as I looked around the building. Graffiti all over the wall, not a good sign, means nobody was brave enough to stop the tyrants who did it. The paint was torn, a couple of bullet holes in the wall.

"Oh crap, what am I getting myself into?" I asked him, turning to him.

"More than you can handle!"

I ignored him and started for the stairs, "GET OUT OR I'LL CALL THE POLICE!"

"Sir, I am the police." I said, satisfied with my line. I returned to walking up the stairs, and heard the man hit the desk in frustration.

I walked up a couple flights of stairs till I was on the fourth floor. When I stepped up onto the floor, I immediately had a sense I was in danger. With one hand on my pistol I slowly walked down the hallway.

A door flew open and a man walked out, he looked at me for a moment and looked around, "You hear for a reason, punk?"

"Hello sir, I'm Jagan Cover from the Special Crime Investigation-"

"Get outta here while you still can."

"No." I said, tired of these games, "We're either going to talk here, or downtown-"

Suddenly, he had a gun, he was pointing it at me and said one last time, "Get outta here while you still can."

Man, nobody wants me around. I thought to myself, tapping my gun with my fingers, Here comes hell. I thought, flipping out my pistol.

The End

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