Scarecrow: He doesn't have the balls....

'Well, I haven't been able to figure out why I'm being targeted. His name is Jerry Montgomery.' I started and I heard Drake gasp. 'The Jerry Montgomery?'

'Yeah that one.' I grimaced.

'Sorry Steve but you're as good as done for. Nobody can get anything on him.' Drake looked distressed and I shook my head and held my hand up.

'He's a lawyer but also a drug Baron. He has made and will make mistakes. Even if I don't win this fight, I still want to know why they tried to pin it on me. Where there's a will, there's a way.'

Beth interrupted then. 'You say 'they' and not 'him'. Is there any particular reason or was it just a slip of the tongue?'

'Oh I said them because there's more then one person involved in this.' I tightened my arm around Dani. 'He's not smart enough to think this up on his own. And he doesn't have the balls to kill someone. It was done for him.'

'How can you be so sure of his intelligence?' Drake had a quizzing tone of voice and I raised an eyebrow. 'Because he wasn't smart enough to even conduct an affair. I caught him in bed screwing my then girlfriend Marissa who also happens to be the victim in this case.'

The others looked uneasy and I heard a sudden siren wail in the distance. 'There's my ride.' I grinned, changing the subject. 'Who's coming with me?' I looked at Dani expectantly and she smiled. 'I will.' Drake and Beth wolf whistled and then burst out laughing.

'Oh yeah guys, she can watch as they stick needles and tubes in me...really romantic.' I said drily.

It only made them laugh even more...Sadists!

The End

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