Jagan: Going Soft

Well, Crow's alive. For some reason, I wasn't as happy to see him as I should have been. Probably because all this talk about him being a murderer was starting to scare me. But not for long, Crow kissed Dani. That was when I was positive that he didn't do a thing. Crow's a lover, and a fighter.

Anyway, I was following Bethany back to the car, thinking about this whole Scarecrow thing. I looked back to see Scarecrow and Drake were getting along mighty well. I sighed, "Why did we have problems all of a sudden? Why can't I be like that?" I asked myself aloud, pointing to Crow who was shaking Drake's hand.

I decided I'd apologize ASAP. Well, ASAIFLT (As Soon As I Feel Like It).

I looked at Bethany as she walked and decided to speak up, "Hey Beth."

"Yes?" she asked, turning and looking at me, very serious. Something had changed in her, I think she was taking the case more seriously now, no more Mrs. Nice Bethany. Gotta keep that in mind. I do not need Bethany hating me too.

"I have a plan, to help Crow."

Suddenly, her perky mood came back, "REALLY!? WHAT IS IT?!"

"I think I need to do a little investigating." he said.

"Okay..." she said, not following.

"Like, by myself. I'm going to go and do some private investigating."

"Why?" she asked, very curious.

"Well, the team, and you are not safe Bethany." I said, trying to help her understand.

"What? And you are?"

"No, listen." I said, hardly frustrated, "They're after Scarecrow and probably after everyone close to him. I'm not really a close friend. You're his sister, and now Dani is in danger because they are kind of, like kissing. In a relationship now, and remember what happened to the last girlfriend of Crow's."

"How did you-"

"When I was at home I was getting information."

"Right." she nodded, "Continue."

"Foster is Steve's friend, they're ole buddies. I'm not necessarily, close to him."

"Okay, so? Does that mean I should just hide under a rock? You think I'm going to mess up?"

"No, not at all Beth."

"You don't think I can handle myself? You don't trust me?"

"NO! Bethany listen!" I said, quite frustrated by now.

She took a deep breath and listened.

"I really want to be with you all the time. All the time. Everyday."

She still wasn't following.

"Because I feel afraid that you're going to be taken away from me and I won't be able to save you."


"STOP TALKING!" I yelled.

She was silent.

"But I do trust you. It's taking me more trust to leave you then it ever would to take you with me. I'm trusting that you'll stay safe, no matter what happens!" my voice was getting quieter, "I trust that you'll be safe and sound when I come back. I do. But I can't take you with me. I have to be under cover." I said, adding a tiny little joke, but neither of us really found it funny.

"I just need to be completely elusive and invisible to everyone. If any one is around we're going to get shot at. If I leave you here, you're going to get shot at. That's where the trust is. I really need you to be safe. I need you to promise me that no matter what happens, you'll protect yourself. If anything happens to you, I swear I won't be able to bear it. It'll be all my fault and I'll...I can't lose you." I said, the last line completely breathlessly.

Bethany looked at me for a moment, completely teary eyed, then she charged into my arms and we kissed.

It was a very long kiss and it was probably the most meaningful, yet.

I broke away just to say, "Promise me, I'll be able to kiss you again. Otherwise I'll never let go."

"I promise." she said, a tear trickling down her cheek.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her hair gently, then let her go, "I'll be back." I said in my best impression of the terminator.

Bethany giggled inbetween sobs.

I turned and walked to my rental, "When I get back, we're going car shopping." I whispered.

I got in the car and put the keys in the ignition, "Wow am I going soft." I muttered to myself as I started up the car.

The End

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