Dani: vendetta.

I saw Drake pinned between traffic, and my eyes narrowed as I caught sight of what exactly he was trying to evade. There were three of them and I immediately whipped the DSR-1 from my side: I'd taken to carrying it around because in SCIT you never know when a sniper is going to turn up and I had kindof lost my other defence techniques with having neither Dad nor Steve on hand. I didn't bother with the slience muffler and just hoped they wouldn't be too quick after I'd shot the first one. I pulled the trigger twice in quick succession with a slight relish: Drake was new, he had to be taught about SCIT's stance on snipers. Drake looked up and this point, as well as the remaining sniper, and they both took a second to realise whose side I was on. Thankfully it took Drake a little shorter time, enough for him to dodge a car and gut the guy who was left. Gross, but necessary. I ran over.

'Sorry about that, but I kindof have a vendetta against snipers.' I would have laughed if it hadn't been one of those life and deaths situations.

Drake looked around. I frowned. 'I shouldn't worry, I don't think there would be any more. Chances are they think you're here on your  own and so they wouldn't have gone for Beth or Jagan.'

Drake grimaced at his name. 'We do not see eye to eye for the time being.'

I opened my mouth to say something but then closed it again. It was justified: I mean, he had peed Beth off about the leadership and I don't know what had happened with Jagan but he had blood on his face. I was only being nice to him because I didn't want any delays. The more I thought about the phonecall, the more I convinced myself that he sounded pained, the more I worried that there wasn't much time left. Beth and Jagan rounded the corner then, just as a car appeared and Drake told us all to get in. We made no attempt to move.

'How do you know where Crow is?' Jagan asked, and I sensed the tension between them. Well...it didn't take a rocket scientist.

'If we go back we can-'

'No.' I started after my own words, but I didn't go back on them. 'Beth is also our leader, she should make some decisions round here.'

Beth opened her mouth to speak when Jagan whipped round and kicked the gun out of the hand of another sniper. I gasped: a part of me was disappointed that the Sniper Revenge had lost a chance to make an appearance again. Beth pinned him down rapidly.

'Where is he?'

The End

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