Drake: On to something.

 Wow this day was beginning to turn out worse then I thought it was. First , bad impression on this team, two my car is now a smoking wreck, three I look like someone just put me through a game of dodge-ball with monkey wrenches instead of balls. I crack my nose back in place for what I hope to be the last time today. I then return to the dead guy.Man I was hoping things would get better. Yeah maybe coming here thinking I was going to have military procedures was a bit much, but hell it seems they don't do any real investigating, at-least from what I heard.

I roll the guy over , and check his pockets. I find nothing until something slides out from between his abdomen and his shirt. It was a silver metallic shiny box with HCC written on it. I open it up to find a business cards. Mostly in guns ammunition stores, Banks with many different bank agents, legal offices, and my favourite clue the one and only industrial leasing company buisness card. It was named Hellion industrial leasing company. I get up from my crouch. At this rate I had lost allcredibility as a good investigator on this team, I'll just do it my usual way - by- my-self. I can't trust these people , and they can't trust me. I phone up an old pal from my days on SMCU.

" Hey , my car kinda blew up." I start.

" Bradens don't tell me your back in with em bastards!" He growls.

"No not at all. But if you must know I'm failing at collaborating with SCIT."

" You gotta be kidding, those guys we use to make fun of them!"He laughs.

"Hey Chris you do realize they have a better rep then SMCU now. Anyways I need a car right now. We can catch up later."

"fine, fine, This one gotta last though!"

" As long as you mean by lasting. That bullet holes don't matter. This case is a lot like our old days minus being in Saudi Arabia."

" yeah I'll have a car dropped off shortly to ya. Your signal is coming from a prison right?"

"Yep ,thanks Chris." I say then hanging up. Knowing him he was going to ramble on about things in the past.

I looked around I had no clue where everyone went, probably waiting for something to happen. I walk outside , and my phone begins to ring for a text message. I open it up , and it read.

Wouldn't move pal  hand the cards over ,or your head goes bang.

I flip the cellphone over it was like a mirror and checked the rooftops around my vicinity. Behind me I see two obviously placed sniper but new that their would be more in front of me. A man wearing a baggy hoodie came up to me.

" The cards, please , this is a new jacket I don't want blood to get on it." He says in a friendly way.

My knife flicks out from the wrist , and rest upon very important arteries, in the abdomen.

" How about I get  blood on your jacket , and you become a human shield while my fellow team members kill your friends." I bluff knowing I was screwed whether I give the cards up or not.

He smiles , then makes the hand me over motion with his fingers.

" Nope." I say gutting him while I go down into a forwards role to avoid a cross fire of bullets.

I only had one second to find cover before I get shot at again. Why was I risking my life for someone I don't know who would probably hate me if I ever met him? I think to my self as get up to jump into traffic. BANG! I hear again but yet survive as passing car takes the bullet to the door. The women inside screams hysterically , and ducks. I was now was pinned, but still alive with a pistol that would never hit a target that far. Now would be a good time for my ride to show up.

The End

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