Jagan: Temper much?

Almost instantly after turning around, next thing I know there's a foot in the side of my head. I'm sent to the ground, and it's all a blur as a knife stabs right next to me. Once I realize it's Drake, I relax and smile.

"Attack me one more time , and I will beat you the ICU room. Two even stupid fat donut eating officer knows not to turn their back on someone you just attacked." Drake yelled.

I raised an eyebrow, "What? That didn't even make sense."

I guess he didn't hear me, he stood up and snapped his nose back into place.

"We do have some clues, check the registration on that gun, the chemical used to in the car bomb, those bullets too may be good clues." he said, unwrapping a roll of evidence bags, "Forensic can be a pain, but its our only clue." he muttered then got on his knees and started looking around.

I tried not to audibly laugh at his unprofessional way of doing things. Well, I guess you could say professional, for the SMCU. This was SCIT, you're not just walking around and looking at evidence and occasionally shooting anymore. Not that long ago I was fleeing from a helicopter that was shooting a missile at me. You don't just say, 'Let's collect evidence!' and then, sniff the ground for clues.

I almost said something, but I knew it was pointless, he'd tell me I was fired, but that would be pointless, cause he can't fire me, but, considering I actually am a member of SCIT, and not just some supervisor from the Department, I can fire him. Well, if Foster gave me permission, but still.

Then I realized something else, did he really strike me when I wasn't looking? Is he that much of a coward?

I stood up and grabbed his shoulder.

"You want more?" Drake said turning slightly.

I lifted him up with one arm and lifted him high he was almost touching the ceiling.

"We have to talk." I dropped him and he landed on his feet, but then clumsily toppled onto his back, which I admit made me chuckle to myself.

He tried to dignify himself by jumping to his feet, but it was so slow that it made him look silly.

I led him outside, I felt like the babysitter.

He looked at me impatiently, "What?"

I didn't like his tone, so I "lightly" slapped him.

"STOP HITTING ME!" he yelled, very furious.

"I don't like your tone. You have no power over me."

"Hate to say it but the Department says-"

"What's the Department going to do?" I asked, towering over him, "Shoot me?"

"At this point, I'll do it for them!" he said, revealing his knife.

"Ha. You show your weakness, if you want to keep your dignity with this group, put away your knife, now."

"Or what?"

"I hang you upside down from this building, naked."

"You talk tough. Can you back up your-"

I really wanted to punch him and he knew it. He sighed, "Jagan, there's really only one way to settle this." he said, cutting himself off.


"We're going to have to fight. Not just randomly punch, or slap each other like little kids. Let's be professional about this."

I shook my head, "This isn't professional."

Drake frowned, "No, this is."

"No it's not." I said, "SCIT. Not SCMI."

"SMCU." Drake corrected me.

"Whatever. This is serious chiz, you aren't part of this team. You're a supervisor. So stop acting like you're a boss. We don't just settle things with fist fights."

"I do."

I took a deep breath, and raised my fists, "Let's go. I'll try not to get your blood all over the-"

His fist was already in my face. He sent me off my feet and to the ground, and I rolled down the staircase. I sighed briefly, then jumped to my feet, just in time to catch Drake in midair, who was going to jump on top of me. I threw him onto his back and started to kick him repeatedly. He rolled out of the way, and slowly pushed himself off the ground.

I gave him enough time to get up, but the second he was up I gave him a right hook that almost sent him to the ground. He recovered quickly and gave me a left. I countered with a right hook, followed by an uppercut with my left. He spit blood at the ground and we both took a couple seconds to breathe.

Then I charged at him and nailed him with my left leg and sent him to the ground, but he held onto my leg and took me down with him. While he had me in that "leg lock" he punched me repeatedly. I tried to get out of the lock, but to no avail. So I tried another tactic. I brought up my fist and slammed it into the side of his eye. It gave me just enough time to swing my leg around so I was sitting on top of him, which made it easy to get to my feet.

Drake got up quickly after me, and we faced each other once again.

I raised my hand and put it out towards him, "Truce?"

"No." Drake said pushing my hand away and lunging at me. I almost dodged his incoming fist, but...as I said, almost. I took a step back, but then stepped forward and punched him in the nose, snapping it out of place again.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed my shoulder, and I watched as Drake was tossed to the ground. I looked over to see Bethany with her hand out, she had obviously pushed him. She looked at me and kissed me gently, "It's okay, I know you'd win." she put her arms around me and began to kiss me.

I put my arms around her and just enjoyed it. I ignored Drake, who was angry as a lion. He stormed into the building without another word.

"Temper much?" Bethany asked, pulling away from me for just a moment.

I pulled her back in and began to kiss her again, "You betcha." I mumbled, trying to forget the whole thing.

Let me tell ya, when you're kissing Bethany West, it's very hard to think about anything else.

Even if one of your friends is missing, and may have resisted arrest.

The End

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