Drake: Forensics is a pain

I don't even wipe my noise, I swear this guy was going to get it.

" Uh..... no." He smirks then turns around.

Seriously , did he just turn his back on a potential enemy? I finger a Knife I keep well hidden in my sleeve , and hop up like a spring , and kick the heel of my boot into the idiot on the side of the head, and he falls to the ground bleeding, slightly. I come down and stab the ground beside his neck just missing his skin by half a centimetre.

" Attack me one more time , and I will beat you the ICU room. Two even stupid fat donut eating officer knows not to turn their back on someone you just attacked." I quickly leave kicking distant of his comrades , and replace the knife in its sleeve.

I snap my nose back into place, its happened many a time when I worked for SMCU. My threat may have been probably more useful for someone in the military who had no brains. So the suspect was definitely not here , and it was a sad thing to shoot the only knowledgeable person , that would know but I have seen to many good men die with the same decision.

" We do have some clues, check the registration on that gun, the chemical used to in the car bomb, those bullets too may be good clues." I say unwrapping a roll of evidence bags, " Forensic can be a pain , but its our only clue." I mutter then begin collecting evidence.

The End

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