Jagan: Uhh...no.

As the car went up in flames, only two thoughts went through my head.

1) Oh crap.


I knew that this was serious. But what I didn't understand was, why the heck did the car just explode? C4?

I had no time to think, I ran towards the front door, but was stopped by an unfamiliar hand.

I turned around slowly to see a blonde man, and he was looking at me like I was some kind of idiot.

"Who are you?" I asked, on the edge of frustration.


"Nevermind, I don't care, I have a job to do!" I said, turning towards the door.

Drake grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, "Stay where you are! This is SCIT business!"

"I'm Jagan Cover, member of SCIT the Special Crime Investigation Team. Some call me, 'Mess with Me and I kick your Butt Cover'." I lied, no one called me that, but I was so angry I was ready to do just that.

Drake smirked, "Mmhmm. Badge."

I flipped it out and literally slapped him across the face with it, "Get out of my way, I have a friend to save."

Drake grabbed me again and this time I was very mad. I spun around and nailed him right in the nose, he flew off the stairs and landed flat on his back.

Satisfied, I looked up to see Bethany and Dani, on the brink of hysterical laughter.

I smiled at them and winked. Turned and started through the front door. Can't get much better than this, Bethany now knows I'm tough, and I'm about to crack some skull. I thought, just as a broom slammed into my face, sending me onto my back, and almost knocking me unconscious.

I jumped to my feet, and dizzily swung a punch at my attacker. I missed, and everything became clear. The man was holding a gun, "You're under arrest-"

Quickly, I brought up my foot into his gun, launching it into the air, I threw up my arm and caught it, then put the gun to his head, "Uhh...no." and with that, spun and slammed my foot into his cheek, almost breaking all the bones in his face.

And with that, unconscious. I emptied the gun by firing at the wall, then dropped the gun at my feet and walked down the hallway, with Bethany and Dani right behind me. We all drew our guns.

I signaled for them to take cover and then yelled, "Hello. If you can hear me, you are now under arrest, and are to be moved to HQ for questioning. Now come up with your hands up!"

I felt slightly intimidating, but at the same time, silly.

Bethany took the lead and I didn't stop her, she was good at what she did. I trusted her, she could handle anything.

Suddenly, a figure darted around the corner and slammed into Bethany sending her off her feet and to the ground. Maybe she can't handle anything.

I quickly lifted my gun and yelled, "FREEZE!"

The figure tripped and fell to the ground, Bethany tripped him. Beth quickly got him in a headlock with her legs and twisted his neck so hard it snapped. No, he didn't die, but oh did he feel pain.

He cried out loudly, very loudly.

Beth got to her feet and threw her hair back, her embarrassment gone.

I smiled and followed her down the hall further, to a room full of cells.

Bethany took a deep breath, "Everybody, check all the cells."

We ran quickly and threw the doors open. My first one was empty. Second, empty. Third, empty.

I looked at the fourth and ran to the door, a little more cautious. Sweat dripped down my face and threw open the door. Empty.

I looked around and realized all the cells were empty.

Then Dani blinked and horror filled her eyes, "Crow's not here."

"That's obvious, so where is he? He was being kept here wasn't he?"

"Yes." a voice said. We turned to see a man holding an AK-47, smiling evilly.

"Hello." I said calmly, not dropping my pistol.

"Drop your guns, now."

Everyone, but me, dropped their guns.

"I'll drop my gun, when you tell me where Crow is."

"NO! You drop it now!"

I looked at him closely, "He escaped. He got out and ran." I noticed a mark on his forehead, "He knocked you out then got your keys, then ran. Didn't he?"

The man looked shocked, but then recovered his angry look, "You were sent to break him out! You were!"

"No. We were coming to move him to another prison, but then we were attacked. I'm sorry, but we're going to take you into questioning."

"NEVER!" he yelled, taking aim at me.

I took a deep breath, I counted to three in my head, when I reached three, I'd shoot him.

One. He put his finger on the trigger.

Two. He frowned and yelled, "DROP YOUR GUN!"

Three. A bullet pierced his skull, and he died. Fell to the ground limply.

But it wasn't my gun.

Drake came around the corner, smiling, but holding his nose, "Saved your life."

Anger was really taking over now, I stormed over to him and grabbed him by the collar and pulled him in real close, "We were going to question him. Why did you shoot him?!"

"He was going to shoot you!" Drake yelled angrily into my face.

"I had it under control, why didn't you at least shoot him in the stomach or something?! WHY KILL HIM?! You're with them! You're under arrest!"

Drake laughed, "No, you're wrong. I'm not. I'm your leader."

"We are the leader." Bethany said.

I looked back and forth between them.

Drake smiled, "Yeah that's right, I'm your boss, so you have to do what I say. So put me down, now."

I smiled back, and punched him as hard as I could in the nose, probably breaking it, and sending him to the ground, in serious pain.

"Uhh...no." I said with a smirk.

The End

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