Drake: I'm going to prison!

"So that's the deal then?" I ask into my silver metallic flip phone.

"Yes Mr Bradens you ,and Ms West shall both be operating SCIT operations." Mr Lennon tells me.

" Alright, I will do my best to keep this case on track." I say then close the phone.

Well that was a bit bothersome, but it may work better this way. My first order of business was to talk to Steve West. I walk back into the office room the atmosphere seemed different from that of exiting. The girl who I didn't get to talk to who I presumed went by Dani looked a little worried as she put the phone down. I wanted to ask what exactly happened , but had the feeling they wouldn't tell me.

So being my observant self I checked the SCIT phone conversation recorder , and listen to the conversation. I felt badly though something told me it was meant to be private. The end really disturbed me though. After the phone was disconnected I ran through the conversation through my head again , it arose two questions. Who is this Baron , character , and where is Mr West

"Hmm, that doesn't sound like a proper government cell." I say out loud.

" You think?" The girl who had previously apprehended me sneered.

"Yeah I do happen to think." I shoot back, " Who took Mr West yesterday? Did they look like proper officers? Perhaps he may have been discretely taken? Nooo , that doesn't make sense." I trail off at the end.

I ignore the two as ideas floated through my head, I sat down at a computer and began too trace the call. It had been bounced several times through the world making tracing impossible. I get off the computer , and sling on my long jacket that reaches down to my ankles. In one of the inside pockets it carried a handgun.

" Where are you going?" They ask almost pefectly in synch.

" To prison!" I say shortly running down the stairs.

" What?" I hear.

" Look its obviously not a proper government jail cell that your brother is being held in. He wouldn't be beaten up. Now we have two cases a Murder, and where is your brother. I also want too know who this Baron character is, and don't you have one other agent that works here?" I ask , " It doesn't matter phone him up , and say we are going to prison!" I say then rush out the door.

" Whats the point to visiting the prison?" Dani catches up.

" Someone must be acting as Mr West , because we would be informed if he was swapped out. Meaning we have another suspect , and a lead to where Mr West can be found." I explain.

I should have explained things better , I have been working too long by myself. I thought to myself as I open my car door. I wasn't sure who was the murderer but things where begining to point to someone other than Mr West, but I could be wrong, what if the poor guy just happened to be in a prison with brutal guards?

The End

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