Scarecrow: Dani...This is VERY important!

I felt like a caged lion. Everytime the  man came in I demanded my phone call. Eventually he relented, handed me a mobile and walked out. 'You have five minutes' he said coldly.

So I took a deep breath, and I called the first person who's number popped into my head.


It was so good to hear her voice.

'Hi Dani, It's me.'

'Oh my god, are you ok? Where are you? They won't tell us anything! What happened. Tell me you didn't do it!'

'Listen, listen, I don't have much time. I don't know where I am, it's messed up, they're messing with my head so they can try and shoot me. Tell Beth they killed the wicked witch. I didn't do it, someone else did. And I think it was the Baron. Tell Beth that Crow says he's pretty sure the Baron killed the wicked witch. Someone wants me dead, and they won't stop until I am out of the way. I'm trying not to show it Dani but, I'm scared.'

'Don't worry, I believe you Steve. We'll get you out of there. There's a new guy here, he's already got up Beth's nose and Dad is gone to England for a bit.'

I cringed. I was kind of counting on Foster but oh well. Suddenly an idea blossomed in my head. Let's see how badly they've messed up. I don't think I'm in government containment at all. I think I'm somewhere else. Government holdings don't have moving walls.

'Dani do you think you could get in touch with the Department and see if you can get in to see me at all?'

There was a long pause. 'I don't see why that should be a problem.' she muttered, obviously thinking it over in her head. I had the sudden urge to hug her but I don't know why.

'I have to tell you something. It's really important. But I can't tell you over the phone.' I whispered.


'I can't say it over the phone Danielle.' My voice sounded a little funny to me as I spoke to her. I realised then what I was feeling. I missed her.

There were footsteps outside and for some reason I  knew he meant business.

'He's coming back.' I whispered as I put the phone down on the chair without hanging up.

The man walked in and sneered at me.

'Enjoy your phone call did you?'

'Yes I did actually.' I smiled.

'Who did you ring?' he asked suddenly suspicious. 'Nobody can help you, you better not have rang any cronies to bust you out of here.'

'I didn't.' I spat and suddenly he lunged at me and punched me, knowing I couldn't retaliate. I didn't cry out but I knew that Dani could hear him battering me. It wasn't a good feeling.

'Who did you ring a**hole?' he kicked me.

'None of your business.' I groaned as I felt a rib snap.

'You want me to break another rib? You think you're getting out of here? We control how this goes. How about I shoot you in the leg? Who did you ring?'

'Fine.' I spat out a glob of blood and glared up at him. 'If you must know, I...I rang my girlfriend.'

'How sweet.' he sneered. 'Too bad she'll never see you alive again if the boss has his way.'

'Well in that case I hope she finds out that really important thing that I never got the chance to say to her.'

'And that is?'

'On second thoughts I think I'll tell her in person.'

He suddenly saw the phone on the chair and moved to pick it up. I grabbed it and in a single move I smashed it off the wall. He wouldn't get Dani's number now, she was safe for the moment, and she'd heard enough. I knew all SCIT office calls were recorded. Maybe it would help in some way. If it was still the government that was containing me.

The End

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