Dani: the right tears.

Drake Bradens. The way he'd said just sounded so...condescending. Like we should know this, and he was doing us a favour by introducing himself. Beth's mouth actually dropped open a little, and I would have laughed if that hadn't been my reaction as well. I could only say 'What?' and then watch as Beth defended her post as temporary team leader. Which I sided with. I mean, if Dad thought she could handle it...and no offence but I'm not sure I would give the job to Jagan. I don't even know why, maybe it's from his experience of rubbing against Steve- and the last person Steve'd want to defend him would be a guy he's been trying desperately to hate for the last few months. They were friends now, but a sibling seemed a safer choice to set the mind at ease. That was if we could find Steve...Suddenly the bickering seemed a little petty when you remembered the main point of our task. All the same the problem needed to be solved: this Bradens guy couldn't just walk in here like he owned the place, even if he looked like it. I walked to the phone in order to instill some kind of peace.

'No message as of yet.' Just then the phone rang, and part of me wanted to laugh at the irony or timing, but serious Dani was trying to keep her mind on the case. I picked the receiver up and spoke with an air of deliberance, making sure I sounded nothing like the new guy. 'Yes, hold on one second, let me put you through to our team leader.' I handed it to Beth and immediately regretted putting an emphasis on "team leader". But that is what she was: and we couldn't have the new guy thinking I wasn't made of tougher stuff, could we?

I watched Bradens as Beth reasoned with the Department of Justice. He had that air of impatience about him, which I suppose could be justified....but not to this extent. He looked like if he had any power he would love to fire Beth or I. He looked at the Post-It note when Beth waved it about frantically as if it were just a scrap of paper. Well, it was a scrap of paper, but he didn't know what was on it. He didn't realise the gravity of our situation: our team had decreased by twenty per cent. And all he could do was walk in here and try to take charge? We didn't need a leader right now, we just needed a lot of co-operation. And trust in Steve. And after his remark...

"Convict the guy". Seriously. This guy was doing himself no favours.

Beth hung up the phone and another conflict between her and Bradens was inevitable. Having said that, it surprised me. I thought it was going to get extremely ugly. The expression of his face...I couldn't help it any more. I had tried to stay serious but the lack of compromise about him made me want to burst out laughing. Beth caught my eye and we shared a split-second of silent laughter, before Bradens left and it became audible.

'Is that what the Department says?' I asked, giggling.

'It will be by the time he calls...' I couldn't help it. I just started laughing so hard...I begun crying. It was the uncontrollable kind of hysterics. But these were the right kind of tears: my eyes would still be red afterwards but they would hold promises of happiness as opposed to worry. Clearly this had been an emotionally draining day for me... I just hoped Bradens wasn't bitter.

All the same...Department of Justice. This was some real justice.

The End

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