Drake Bradens


I sat in my down onto a chair just finishing the last bit of paperwork on a rather simple case well the cops couldn't figure it out, the FBI couldn't figure it out, the CIA preferred not to be involved. So was it a simple case? Not really to me though it was a week of work. I tend to get jobs that people either don't want to do , or are to hard , and to tell you the truth they are few and far between. The FBI has offered me jobs , but I just couldn't bother being low on the ladder after being a team lead in a specialized military crime unit.

Once I had finished the paperwork I check my phone for messages, and was I ever surprised I had a call. I push the play button excitedly.

" Drake Bradens, I have no doubt you have heard of SCIT along your line of work. They has been a little scandal involving one of there agents committing murder. They need a supervisor , and you fit the shoes. Tomorrow morning you are to be at their headquarters, to begin the case. Please try to have them remember the main suspect is a Steve West, also known as Scarecrow. This is a order from the department of justice." Then the message clicked off.

Well I had a job and I wasn't going to turn it down. I left the desk and went upstairs to get some sleep for tomorrow I had a feeling it was not going to be fun. I think putting my hand through my blond hair that was a little long in my standards, actually really long I preferred crew cuts, old habits die hard. I fell asleep quickly.

The next morning it didn't take me long to find their headquarters, I walked in and there was two girls in already in the office.

"Can I help you?" One asks pulling her head away from a yellow post it note.

" Sort of. My name is Drake Bradens , and I'm supposed to be assisting , and guiding this murder case. There should be a message on the phone from the Department of justice. "

Their mouths dropped. Yep , they are definitely not going to like me much.

The End

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