Scarecrow: And So The Questioner Becomes The Questioned


Jerry Montgomery. My eyes snapped open. I had just remembered something vital. I knew it was important, gut feeling you could call it. He was a lawyer but when it came to the law he was about as straight as a roundabout. He was a major drug lord and bought his way out of charge, robbery, assault, drug handling, drink driving...murder. I shivered. Would he have killed her? If so why would he do it? And why blame me?

The walls shuddered to a stop and then retracted. I grabbed the chair and pulled it over to the corner, sitting on it in a half slouch. Then I waited for the man to come back in.

He did not disappoint I can tell you! I laughed at his face as he took in how calm I was. He seemed slightly surprised and glanced around the cell.

'Looking for something pal?' I grinned evilly at him.

'No.' he snapped but I could see that his pupils had widened ever so slightly.

'Good, good. Care to tell me what kind of messed up game you're playing here?' I raised an eyebrow and he looked trapped. 'I eh, sorry I have no idea what you're talking about.' he muttered.

I stood up. 'Oh I bet you don't. I'm just letting you know, you can tell me, or I'll find out.' I paused and looked him in the eye 'And I'm warning you, I will find out.'

He turned and fled the room.

'Hey don't I get my one phone call a**hole?' I yelled after him.

The slamming of the door was the reply I got.

I settled back down in the chair and leant backwards. I went back to pondering over what I'd been thinking about before he came in. Jerry. Why would he do it? Did the Recondos do something to him? Did I when I was working for the hostage unit before SCIT? Did SCIT do something to him? Or did she just find out something she wasn't supposed to?.... Why blame it on me?

The End

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