Scarecrow: Less space for bouncing off previously mentioned 4 walls

I dropped the photograph and stumbled backwards against the wall as tears filled my eyes. I don't think I truly loved Marissa in all the time that I was with her, but she was a good person, she didn't deserve to die like that. Nobody did.

I felt sick as I held my head in my hands and my mind began to wander. "Why her? What did she do?" I felt hot tears stream down my face as I began to blame myself. They wanted me, that's why she died, because they wanted m.... I paused in thought and then suddenly my eyes widened in realisation. Marissa was a seeing a lawyer. What was his name? Jerry, Jeffrey something like that.. God dammit! I punched the wall. Why couldn't I remember? This was important, I knew it was!

I stood up and began to pace the cell as I thought frantically in my head.

Marissa was seeing this hotshot lawyer. He worked on all the big cases but from what I'd heard about him he wasn't exactly straight laced either. I paused and looked around the cell. It seemed to be getting smaller, oh dear god now was a bad time to be getting claustrophobia! I tried to ignore the feeling and continued walking again, only to look up when I heard a creak as the chair in the corner moved. I was right. The bloody cell is getting smaller! I completely relaxed and sat down in the centre of the cell with my eyes closed. I knew what this was, this was to try to get me to flip out and act crazy so that they could shoot me and say I was trying to escape/attack them. They wouldn't kill me this way anyway, for the simple reason that it would look suspicious and an autopsy would land them in it.

I felt a ripple of joy flow through my body. If they were trying to kill me, it means they've screwed up somewhere along the line. All I had to do was wait it out and get the team to help me find out what they were hiding.

I thought about Marissa lying dead on her kitchen floor.

I'm going to find out one way or another.

The End

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