Jagan: Huge smiles, when there's not much hope.

I couldn't stand watching Scarecrow just walk out in shame, it just, if I hadn't been his friend then, I would have just declared him guilty on the spot. His face was just, very shameful.

After watching that very dramatized scene, Bethany threw her arms around me and cried on my shoulder for a while. I told her everything was okay, that he was innocent, but I don't think either of us believed that quite yet.

What can we say? Scarecrow was a blood thirsty killer! But, he never killed innocent people! Well, I guess that's assuming the person was innocent.

Beth asked me if she could go to my house for a while. I didn't even have to answer, we just walked out into the parking lot.

Bethany was being mighty quiet, and maybe that was a good thing. But I really wanted to lighten the mood.

So as we walked I slowly moved my hand over to her side and pinched it.

Bethany's legs almost gave way as she let out a little, "Eh!" She looked at me for a moment, trying not to look amused, but I could tell she was.

So I pinched her again and this time she really squealed, and then slapped me across the face, wouldn't have been the first time.

I laughed and started to tickle her all over as she struggled to get away from me, but began to laugh.

I was chasing her around the parking lot for what seemed like hours, but it really was only for fifteen minutes.

Dani came out of the building around that time, trying to look as professional as possible.

I grabbed Bethany and put her in a friendly head lock, and then looked up at Dani, "Hey."

"Hey." Dani replied, trying hard not to make eye contact.

"Dani, it's okay, Crow is definitely innocent."

"I sure hope so. Cause if he isn't, then that means..."

"Life in prison I know." I let go of Bethany and she stood up and we all went into a more serious phase, but not for long.

I immediately darted at Dani and started to tickle her, and Beth, not wanting to be out on the fun, ran up behind me and jumped on my  back. I ended up bucking Bethany off by running and coming to a halt. Then Dani and Bethany split up and ran as fast as they could towards their cars. I smiled and laughed as I caught up to Bethany and lifted her up, put her on my shoulder and ran all the way down to Dani, who had just opened the door to her car, I had her in my arms quickly and threw her into the car, I threw Bethany into the car also. I tickled them both till I knew that serious thoughts could not enter their heads. In other words, for about ten minutes.

When I helped Bethany out of the car, her smile was huge, she pecked me on the cheek and said, "Let's go home."

I nodded and began to follow her, but I turned to Dani first and said, "It's going to be okay Dani, trust me. Go home and eat ice cream or something."

Dani's smile was also huge, "Okay."

As she drove away I thought to myself, Huge smiles, for two people who know there's not much hope.

The End

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