SCIT #3: A Murder of Crows

Scarecrow is framed for murder. Or was he framed? Has Scarecrow finally given into insanity? Find out in the third of the epic series.

The door flew open. Foster and Dani strolled down the hallway, chit chatting about how quiet things seemed.

They didn't stay that way.

Soon, Jagan, Bethany, and Scarecrow all came into the cafeteria to get some breakfast.

They met up with Foster and Dani and started to chat about life.

Suddenly, the door to the cafeteria flew open.

The team stood to see three men with guns run through the door, yelling, "FREEZE!"

The team pulled their guns and yelled for them to freeze.

After a lot of yelling, a man came out through the door and said, "Everybody lower their weapons!"

The three other men obeyed, the team did not.

"Steve West, we need you to come with us."

Scarecrow raised an eyebrow, "Why?!"

"There was a murder last night."

"So?!" Scarecrow yelled, still holding his gun.

"We found your DNA all over the body. Not to mention, you had your fingerprints all over the knife that was stabbed into her."

Scarecrow's eyes widened as the team turned to him in horror.

Scarecrow holstered his gun slowly, obviously thinking things over.

The man smiled, "Come with us, now."

Scarecrow walked towards him, and only a blind man couldn't have seen the shame that was covering his face.

The End

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