A Daisy

I strolled through the garden outside HQ, and smelled the wide variety of flowers. I bent down to smell a beautiful rose. It was fragrant and made me feel warm inside. I reached down and picked up a daisy. I love flowers.

I walked through the front door of HQ and without a care in the world, walked down the hall with the daisy in hand.

"Hey Jagan." Bethany said, coming out of the hallway across from me. She passed by me, tossing her hair to the side as she did so.

I twisted my waist so I could watch her walk down the hall. I thought for a moment and looked at the daisy, "Hey Beth." I called.

She turned slightly, "Yes?"

I walked over to her and held out the daisy, Man, this is so cheesy. I put it into her hand and smiled, "Beth, can I ask you something?"

"Of course." she said, looking kind of hopeful.

"I was just wondering if sometime you'd like to-"

"Hey you two!" I heard a voice call.

We spun to see Scarecrow, walking down the hall towards us.

"You're okay!" Bethany yelled, running into his arms.

"Whoa whoa Baby B!" he said, laughing, "I'm not in perfect shape, yet."

I walked over to Scarecrow and shook his hand, "Glad to have you back."

"Glad to be back." he said, looking at me, and for the first time, he didn't have anger in his eyes.

"Hey Beth, can I talk to Jagan for a second? Alone?"

Bethany nodded, looking unsure. She walked away hesitantly.

As she vanished, Scarecrow grabbed my arm, "Look Jagan, if you do anything to hurt me sister, I will find you, and I will torture you slowly until you die."

I nodded, "Understood."

"Alright good. With that said, you have my permission."

I frowned, "Permission for what?"

"To ask her out. Don't tell me you haven't been dying to since you met. I'm not blind." Scarecrow said, showing a big smile.

I think I turned a little red, "Oh." it was my turn to smile, "Thanks."

"But not now." he said with a wink, "Foster has something he needs to tell us."


"We were almost killed." Foster said, just as we entered the room, "We were too close." he said sternly, "While I'm in charge, that will not happen again. So no more crap. We are going to be smart and professional, does everybody understand?"

We all nodded.

"Furthermore, if any of you call me sir, I will shoot you on the spot."

I'm pretty sure we were all laughing on the inside, but we all believed him.

"Can we go?" Scarecrow asked, patting his old friend on the back.

Foster sighed, "Guess so."

"You never were good at speeches." Scarecrow laughed.

I walked out into the hallway and started to chuckle, What a team.

I got into my car and put the keys in the ignition, Well, I'm glad things can go back to normal. I've had enough action. I thought to myself as I drove out of the parking lot.

Unfortunately for me, things didn't go back to normal. Not in the slightest.

But this experience had changed me into a better person, a better detective.

I am a proud member of SCIT. The Special Crime Investigation Team.

The End

The End

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