Foster: Family

It was something that the bleeding heart soppy writers would call magical. Sitting there in the ward with Steve having just recovered from an operation, pale and unwell but laughing and smiling, reconciled with Beth after all these years through a life and death experience. Sorta thing that ends a feel good novel. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. It was unreal. A new life for all of us. I had a daughter. Steve had his sister. Jagan had her too but they'd have to sort that out eventually. This was the new face of SCIT.

"Who's running SCIT now Dad- Richards is gone?" Dani suddenly piped up.

"Well... I am the only remaining member of his team..." I didn't really care for the job, but hey, someone had to do it.

I thought to myself: This is why you would never have lived happily Harry. You would never have enjoyed life no matter how far your crazy ambitions took you. You would never have had this. Never had real family.

The End

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