Foster: Death's Door

I knew what Steve would've been feeling. Everyone has to travel to death's door sooner or later in this business. There are no guarantees of coming back whether you like it or not. Those who get to choose are the lucky ones. Those who are sent on their way without a moments notice, without a farewell or a funeral, without any regrets, alone and helpless. They're the unlucky ones. Like Felicity and Maria. Maria... Did you know Maria? Dani is our daughter? Did you know? Did Harry blackmail you? Did he lie? Did he hang Dani's life in front of you like a sick carrot and force you to cooperate with him? Well, it doesn't matter now. I'll look after her for you, I promise. Life is too precious. I won't waste mine rotting in my flat anymore. But Steve's choice to make is different. He was in the elite combat unit after I left. He's killed countless soldiers in the line of duty. Had to torture so many men for information to save the ones he's loved. He's been rejected and shunned and still he's kept fighting, he made his life on the deaths of evil men. But you still remember them. Every man and woman you killed, and every man and woman you couldn't save. You always remember their faces. Angry, resigned, sorrowful, joyous, surprised, unconcerned- all these emotions yet one unites them all. Fear. In the end, noone wants to die. They're always afraid. Seeing as many men die as Crow has... It'd be tough to keep living after a while. He has the tough, almost psychopathic act, but everyone's human. I respect his decision no matter what he says. Death is just the next challenge to face when the time is right. I can't end it now. I've got someone to live for. I just hope Steve remembers who he's got to live for as well...

The End

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