Jagan: Choices

I stood over Scarecrow. He was alive, but not well.  Some of the world's best surgeons were already there, doing their best. They assured us he'd live, but they said they'd need his consent. I guess some people just want to be let go.

The whole team was around him, the SCIT. The greatest detectives the world could ever find they say, and I believed it. But I still felt as though, if Scarecrow wasn't there, it'd be a hole in our team.

"Scarecrow, you're going to tell them you want to live right?" Dani asked, almost in a duh tone.

Foster frowned at her, "Of course he's going to live-" I think for a moment, he had forgotten that she was his daughter, "I mean, honey, of course." he said, obviously still new to the whole dad thing.

Bethany was crying her eyes out, over in the corner. I walked over to her and said, "You know that it's his choice."

"I know but why on earth wouldn't he choose life?!"

"He's seen a lot of things." Foster's voice said.

We turned to look at him.

"Things you haven't seen yet, and after you've seen those things, you may not want to live." he said, in total sadness.

Dani put her arms around Foster and gave her daddy a hug.

It was almost touching, if it wasn't for the fact a man who may be dead in the next couple hours was laying right there, trying to decide to live or die.

"What are you going to do?" Bethany finally asked, walking up to Scarecrow.

Steve took a deep breath.

The End

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