Scarecrow: My final run?

As the medics strapped her down onto the stretcher I smiled at my sister. I was proud of Beth, she'd coped well today, I knew she was a tough nut but I only realised how tough she was after today.

Dani stood beside me, covered in blood. She didn't seem to care about it anymore. I smiled, I knew SCIT would get that squeamish streak out of her. She looked up at me and grinned "We did good eh Crow?" her eyes were shining and I nodded, looking past her. "We sure did Dani, we sure did.."

I saw Foster coming over and I thought I'd give them a little alone time so I made to move away but he shook his head and pulled Dani into a hug. "I'm your dad." he whispered and she hugged him back "Yeah, I know, it's so hard to take everything in so fast." she whispered back and they both laughed.

I sighed and lent back against the van, so much had happened and my head was still a blur, my shoulder was throbbing and I was just waiting for everything to catch up with me, I knew it would eventually. I felt a tightness form in my chest and I coughed uneasily, raising my hand to my lips. Blood.

Foster was looking over Dani's shoulder at me, his face full of worry. "You all right Crow?" he let go of her and made to move towards me. "Scarecrow?" My vision was going fuzzy, darkness seeping in at the edges of my eyes as I tried to tell him I couldn't breathe. Everything seemed to slow down for me then, I felt like I was underwater, fighting against a current that wouldn't let me win. I saw Dani start to turn and Foster's lips moving but I couldn't make out what he was saying. I blinked a few times and my vision came back temporarily as I took a step forward and then dropped to one knee.

Foster put his hand on my shoulder. "Scarecrow mate, are you ok? What's wrong?" Dani crouched in front of me and her eyes searched mine as I half coughed again and more blood trickled out the side of my mouth. She raised her fingers to my face and gently wiped it away without thinking. "We need a medic over here." She stood up and waved her arms over her head before turning back to me.

As Foster lifted his hand off my shoulder I saw it was covered in blood and I looked down at my tshirt and the dark stain increasing by the second, it mustn't have stopped bleeding when I thought it did. Foster looked down at his hand in shock but I just grinned up at them both.

"This could be my final run guys" my mouth was filled with blood and my lungs strove for air "Guess I'm not as invincible as I thought I was." I gasped out before I keeled over.

"STEVE!" someone was yelling but under it all I heard another voice close to me, a woman's voice?

"You can't die." she whispered and I felt pressure being applied to my shoulder. "I won't let you."

And then everything faded out and it was just me and the darkness.

The End

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