Foster: Sweet Revenge

I took my shooting stance, breathe deep, aim steady, point and shoot. Harry fled like a rabbit, moving lightning fast dodging left and right behind, over and under all sorta of obstacles, I just kept firing, my gun trembling in my hands as if it hungered for that kill almost as much as I did. Click. Empty. Sh*t.

I dropped my first pistol and drew my Glock as I gave chase. Harry darted around the corner and I made after him. Then I heard on the mic, "Foster, I've been hit!"

"Jagan!" I called." Get to Beth!"



I didn't have time to waste, if I lost Harry we might never find him. That rat wasn't getting away from me. As I turned the corner I spotted him disappearing into another room off the corridor. I charged after him, crashing through the door without a moment's pause. Mistake. Always check what's around the corner. Harry blasted out from behind the corner, knocking my gun down. I still had my knife and slashed at him, cutting his arm. Only a flesh wound. He fought back. He wasn't unprepared, he had a knife of his own. We traded blows like duelling partners, interchanging knife attacks, throws, locks, kicks and straight up punches. I was wearing him down. I'd cut his arms and he was bleeding more than I was, I had a gash across my cheek and he'd broken my nose with a firm punch. Every movement was electric, charged with killing intent and lethal force. Finally, I saw my opening. He slashed at me wildly aiming for my throat. I leant back just enough to avoid the tip of the blade and caught his arm with my free hand. In one swift and brutal motion I snapped his arm at the elbow with one hand and simultaneously sank my blade into his leg with the other. He couldn't move. He couldn't fight. It was over.

I moved in for the kill.

"Not so fast, Foster," he indicated the corridor behind me. "Deja vu?"

It felt like my heart turned to stone. Four men. Holding Dani and Steve hostage. I was back there. Ten years. New hostages. New situation. Same betrayal. Same choice. I only had my knife. That meant I could only throw it at one target. Save Dani? Save my daughter? Save Steve? Save my old friend who's always had my back? Or kill Harry? Take my revenge and die with everyone else? Too many questions, too many choices. How is can you choose between two people closer to you than anyone else in the world? How can you deny yourself vengeance on the man who ruined your life? I just stood there. Speechless. Motionless.

"I'll give you a count of ten."

Harry mocked me from the floor. Even bleeding and broken. He was in utter control.


What should I do?


Save Dani?


Save Steve?


Kill Harry?




Oh sh*t.


God no...




Then I heard it. Two voices in my ear speaking together.

"This is Jagan and Bethany. We've got your back mate."

Two shots were fired. The two men holding Dani and Steve dropped dead instantly, rifle rounds punching through their skulls. Steve acted fast. Even with one arm he flung himself on one of the other men, pinned him to the ground and broke his neck. He was practically whooping in triumph, "Hell yeah! That's my sis! Ace shooting Beth! WOOOO!" Dani was covered in blood,  she was almost shaking, almost frozen.

"Dani!" I called her. The last man was bearing down on her. I took my knife in my hands and I tossed it. I saw Dani's eyes fix onto it as it spun through the air. I saw her hands extend and snatch it in flight. I saw her hands stop shaking and the light burning in her as she stood her ground against her opponent. She stuck him straight in the stomach, covered in blood. She didn't even flinch.

I turned and looked back at Harry. His face was a mixture of panic, outrage and fear. He had a right to be afraid.

I looked at him with cold hatred. I picked up my gun and pointed it straight at his head.

"This one's for Dani."

I pulled the trigger.

The End

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