Jagan: What the?

I heard sounds, lots of them. Yelling, gunshots, bangs. I sat there, trying to squirm free. I heard someone scream in pain, I heard lots of screams actually.

I started hearing familiar voices, Beth's for one. WAIT! Why didn't I think of it before?!?! I thought to myself in anger. I started wearing away the rope by rubbing it against the back of the chair, "I'm such a moron." I whispered to myself.

Finally, the rope broke. I was free. I ripped off my blindfold and looked around. The world was really dark, really. I jumped up, Man it feels good to stand.

I dove to the left and tried to find a gun. I made my way down a corridor and came to a door. I threw it open, and there they were. Harry, Scarecrow, Dani, and Foster were all there. I froze.

Then all hell broke loose.

The End

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