Scarecrow: Ouch

Dani and I reached the abandoned factory and we got out of the car slowly. Harry was standing waiting for us. He was alone. I immediately smelt a rat.

"Dani get behind me." I said quietly and she obeyed without hesitation. "What happened to the plan?" she murmured anxiously. "Changed it. Just bear with me, we'll wing it."

I walked towards Harry and he smiled at me. "So glad to see you brought her Steve." I stiffened at the use of my name and an angry knot formed itself in my stomach. "She'll be just another casualty in the war against crime." he continued.

"How could you?" Dani stepped out from behind me and started towards him "You're not my father anymore!" Suddenly he had a gun in his hand and he was laughing. "Oh Dani you have no idea how right you are, I'm not your father."

Dani took a step back in shock while I looked around the abandoned buildings, I noted two snipers and the shadow of a truck hidden where they thought it wouldn't be seen. Gotcha.

I levelled my own gun at Harry and tilted my head to the side so that I could keep the snipers in my sights. "I think I've figured it out Harry old friend. You know I'm good friends with Foster, you know I was told everything about what happened ten years ago, and you also didn't like the fact that I got drafted so quickly out of rookie school."

"You were and always will be an incompetent fool Steve." Harry snarled.

"Oh no, I think I'm quite competent actually, I think I hit the nail right on the head here, you say Dani isn't your daughter which leads me to only one conclusion. Dani is Maria's daughter.." I paused "...and Foster's."

I saw the glint of a mirror out of the corner of my eye and knew that Foster and Beth had arrived and taken care of the snipers. I knew Beth would go to find and free Jagan and I hoped the team in the hidden truck hadn't noticed. I had a fleeting thought that Foster might like dibs on Harry so I put it in the back of my head to shoot to wound if needs be, and not to kill.

Dani was trembling, tears running down her face. "You lied to me, after all these years you..." A small red dot appeared on her forehead as she spoke and I was confused but she didn't even notice. I saw Harry raise his arm and then I realised I'd missed one. How did I miss one? Harry never worked with 3 snipers. It seemed to happen in slow motion, Harry brought his hand down just as I dove in front of Dani, pushing her to safety and Foster came barrelling around the corner, gun aimed at Harry's head. I barely felt the pain as the bullet passed through my shoulder. I just stood there looking down at the blood on my hands and Dani lying on the ground looking up at me in shock. "Ouch." I groaned. "That's gonna scar."

And then all hell broke loose.

The End

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