Foster: F*ck Professionalism

Oh Harry. Harry, Harry. Here was me thinking you were b*stard beforehand. Guess what I think of you now? My mind was racing as I set off for Cover's location with Beth. Half my mind was trying to piece together the information we had to fully understand the situation. The other half was ready to f*ck up some sh*t. Oooh Harry. You wait for me Harry. Wait right there. I am gonna F*ck you up so F*CKING BAD! Beth kept stealing glances at me nervously. Guess she wasn't too keen on spending a lot of time underground with a veteran killer who now had a major score to settle. To be honest I was probably pretty unstable. Before we'd left I'd instructed her to change her loadout. We were coming in hot for this one. She was carrying a submachine gun, a taser and a pistol with enough bullets to tear a hole in an infantry battalion. I had my Glock as always and a heavier custom pistol designed to shoot armour piercing rounds. If we ran into heavy resistance this would ventilate anyone who got in my way, body armour or not. Lastly I'd gotten myself a knife. Scarecrow had always been the best shot, a real gunslinger. My true strength lay in my hand to hand combat, particularly with the blade. In a scrap with one man I fancied my odds. In a scrap with five men anyone would be struggling. Give that man a knife and teach him how to use it and he could conquer an entire army in close quarters combat. This was what I was best at. And right now, I was ready for blood. 

"Why do you think he's doing it?" Bethany piped up.

"Hm? What?"

"The attacks, the hostage situation, attempting to assassinate his own daughter..."

"Oh right. Actually that's something I can't figure out. It would all make sense apart from the involvement of Dani. There's no logical reason I can think of why he would want to kill his own daughter."

"Maybe he's beyond logic," she suggested morosely.

"No, that's not it. I know him. He isn't one to abandon reason. Ever. He's a schemer. Thinks up grand master plans and executes them to precision, yes. Random actions, definitely not. But I just can't see it. The only time he ever used to soften up and become remotely human was around his children and Dani was always his favourite. There's got to be a clue here somewhere. He just wouldn't hurt his own child."

"Maybe she's not his own child?" Bethany looked at me with a stoic and reasoned glint in her eye.

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it. There's only one explanation. If, as you say, he would not ever hurt his own child, it therefore follows that Dani cannot be his child."

"She's been part of his family all her life, how could she not be his child?"

"Well... I'm sorry to bring this up again but, you recall Mr. Richards' affair..."

I bristled at that, the rage pumping like wildfire in my veins.

"Mr. Richards was also seeing Maria," Beth continued unperturbed. "What's to say that Dani isn't Maria's child?"

"That would still make Dani his child though..." I retorted bitterly.

"Hmm, that does seem problematic... unless," she had that lightbulb look on her face.

"Unless what?"

"Um... I don't mean to pry but... Did you and Maria...?"

I looked at her in a state of shock. What the f*ck kind of question is that to ask? Nevertheless I answered begrudgingly.

"We did... Not that it's relevant to this situation."

"Oh but it is! That changes everything!" Beth was excited now, almost frantic. "Don't you see? If Dani had been born by Maria and Harold Richards is not her father then the only other person who could be is..."

Then I really did just stare at her in shock.

"You, Foster Lewis. Dani is your daughter. She has to be. It's the only way it makes sense."

I just gaped. What, me? I... but... I... I mean... WHAT THE FLYING...?

"Um hello? Are you alright?" Beth looked at me with an expression of concern.

I grinned straight into her face and hugged her without warning. She squealed in momentary fear and I let her go very quickly.

"OH MY GOD I HAVE A DAUGHTER!" I screamed into the tunnel. "Beth, you are a Goddamned genius. You really have the skills to match your brother or even better him in linking clues and logical reasoning. This changes things. I've got family now. Harry is trying to assassinate both me and Dani to destroy evidence of whatever happened ten years ago when Felicity and Maria died. It is likely that he was involved in their murders given the current situation, in fact I would say he is trying to eliminate all members of the old teams, i.e. me and Scarecrow in order to hide evidence of something that must've happened back then that he does not want us to discover."

I paused for breath. Then took off a lightning pace, racing down the tunnel. Beth was startled and sprinted after me.

"Hurry it on up! I've got to kill the man attempting to assassinate my daughter!"

"I thought you said we had to keep personal matters out of this? What about professionalism?"

"F*CK PROFESSIONALISM! I'm gonna kill that sonofab*tch SO BAD!" I paused to speak with her at a more reasonable volume. "Oh and Beth... Just remember when we get there. You tell Steve, Cover and Dani to back off. He's mine."

The End

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