Jagan: I'm a Hostage?

I was a hostage. I was blindfolded and tied to a chair, but they weren't smart enough to put a cloth over my mouth, or my ears.

"How could you betray the team?!" I yelled angrily, hoping the boss would be there. He was.

He said nothing though, he just laughed.

"Are you seriously going to betray your friends? Scarecrow and Foster were your friends, they joined SCIT just to help your daughter and you're planning on killing them?!"

Suddenly, I felt a hand grab my shirt and pull me close.

"Listen Jagan, I don't think you understand."

"Yes, I think I don't."

"Killing Mrs. Heg wasn't necessary. I could have killed a homeless person, but then you would have just guessed it was someone getting mugged. Mrs. Heg's murder made it look like there was a good motive, when there wasn't."

"I don't understand-" I began.

He pulled me closer, "Shut up! I'm not finished." he took a deep breath, "I killed Mrs. Heg so I could get the SCIT members to come out in the open. Then, one of my men shot your car with a rocket launcher, I knew it wouldn't kill you, that wasn't the plan. Then, I had a reason to call Scarecrow and Foster. I told them I needed them to 'guard' Dani, even though I knew it wasn't necessary."

A moment of understanding came, "So this whole thing was a set up just to get Foster and Scarecrow to come back, so you could kill them?!"

"You're smarter than you look." he laughed.

"But why?! They were your friends!!"

"My reasons are of no concern to you!"

"Well, what is your plan now?"

"Things have changed, now that you guys have discovered who I am, I have to kill all of you."

"Even Dani?"

He was silent for a moment, "I haven't decided about that yet, I know she'll hate me now, so I can't get her to work with me. So I guess I'll have to kill her, or brain wash her."

"You're a sick man."

"And you are stupid."

"Oh, nice comeback. If I'm so stupid, then I shouldn't be able to tell you where we are."

"No, you shouldn't."

"Hello?" I shouted. I heard a loud echo. "We're in a garage, a garage that's connected to a food storage."

Richards said nothing.

"Right next to 27th St."

"How'd you-"

"I can hear the cars."


"Shut up! I can listen and tell what the speed limit is on the road. I can also tell where the cars are stopping, and I can hear those protesters that are on 26th St."

I heard him walk out, "You'll die soon, your skills of perception can't help you now."

I struggled to get free, "Please God, we need a miracle."

The End

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